MassRoots Inc (OTCMKTS:MSRT) Unveils E-Commerce Platform to Sell CBD Products And A Portal to Improve Awareness of Cannabidiol – MMJ Reporter

MassRoots Inc (OTCMKTS:MSRT) is planning to introduce an e-commerce platform to facilitate the sale of hemp-derived cannabidiol products. It is also unveiling a portal to improve awareness about CBD products to consumers. The market for legalized cannabidiol is expected to reach over $20 billion in 2022.

Health benefits of Cannabidiol

The company intends to educate the customers about the health benefits of cannabidiol by launching a portal. CBD offers a lot of health benefits. It is useful for the treatment of anxiety, pain, inflammation, spasms, and seizures.

Mr. Isaac Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer of MassRoots, said its community reviewed several products that consist of cannabidiol in the past. The company is introducing a presentation to provide more information about the CBD products and its benefits to the mainstream audience.

Legal CBD products

The recently passed Farm Bill Act 2018 in the US have paved the way for launching hemp derived CBD products complaint with Federal Regulations through its e-commerce platform.

MSRT woos customers with WeedPass rewards

MassRootsis currently offering the WeedPass Rewards program to the federal compliant dispensaries in Los Angeles and Denver. To capitalize on the success of its WeedPass Rewards program at 140 dispensaries, the Company is expanding the rewards to the markets in Phoenix and San Fransisco in 2019.

The customers of WeedPass Rewards system have gained over 1,250 tickets for the events and festivals including Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor and contributed sales of over $0.12 million to the participating dispensaries. The unique structure of the WeedPass Rewards System helps the participating dispensaries to increase sales considerably.

The participating dispensaries need to pay a listing fee for the WeedPass Rewards Program after the initial trial period. It also provides exposure to the millions of customers registered with MSRT. Therefore, dispensaries looking for ways to boost sales in the regulated CBD market in the US can subscribe to WeedPass Rewards program. CEO of MassRootsis pleased about the rapid expansion and adoption of its WeedPass Rewards Program. The company is successful in making considerable progress in adding more dispensaries. Its monthly income has also surged considerably. MSRT is well positioned to add more dispensaries in 2019.

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