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Massagers, oils, acupuncture and more


It is not for nothing that fitness remains the most popular solution when the new year is over. After an eventful vacation, it seems like most people have health and wellbeing in mind at the beginning of the year. And since you will most likely get sore from all the new workouts, you should check out these 20 massage therapy tools. They help relieve pain and accelerate muscle regeneration – see below.

You will want to use this Vortix Muscle Massager after every hard workout. It has six adjustable speeds that combine frequency, amplitude, and torque to help you fully customize your experience – and it can even shorten your muscles’ recovery time

Typically, this massager costs $ 399, but you can get it here for $ 169.99.

Optimize every training session with this Heroproof® BFGun X300 HyperDrive Percussive Therapy muscle massager. It promotes tissue repair through a series of concentrated, fast, and short-lasting impulses and is so discreet that you can take it anywhere. It works 40 percent quieter than other massagers on the market.

Typically, this massager costs $ 299.95, but you can buy it here for $ 259.99.

Find relief from sore muscles instantly with this FREEZE 350mg CBD Topical Oil. It is a natural, CBD-rich, topical oil that uses menthol-rich plant extracts such as peppermint and camphor to give sore muscles an intense cooling and soothing feeling.

Usually, this oil costs $ 40, but you can buy it here for $ 31.99.

If you want strong, localized relief after a hard workout, try this RECOVER 600mg CBD Muscle Recovery Rub. It targets everything from back pain to sore joints and sore muscles to headaches.

Usually this ruble costs $ 60, but you can buy it here for $ 47.99.

One of the most difficult target areas is usually your back just because it takes up a lot of space. This Thorex back muscle massager is a hands-free method of rolling out the spine and can promote breast extension, soft tissue mobility and spinal alignment.

Typically, this massager costs $ 149.99, but you can buy it here for $ 109.99.

Nothing is better than a good foot massage. With this heated Shiatsu foot massager from Belmint, you can get a foot massage without visiting a sketchy spa. This compact device offers deep massage and promotes blood circulation. You can even operate the control panel with your toes.

Typically, this massager costs $ 139.99, but you can buy it here for $ 99.99.

With this portable Shiatsu back massager with heat, painful car journeys after sports are a thing of the past. Slide this wireless, heated massager onto a chair and relieve painful areas with a three-step setting of your choice.

Typically, this massager costs $ 129.99, but you can buy it here for $ 49.99.

This iJoou Smart Moxibustion Thermotheraphy Device combines the best of modern technology with ancient techniques and uses a form of acupuncture that improves the flow of energy in the body by heating dried plant materials called “Moxa” and using electrical muscle stimulators to activate and stimulate the nerves let go of pain relieving endorphins.

Typically, this device costs $ 198, but you can buy it here for $ 99.99.

These electric infrared thermal air leg / arm massage points ensure better blood circulation with light pressure and eliminate uncomfortable massage conditions. It also warms the muscles and relieves pain – ideal for after training in winter.

Typically, these cuffs cost $ 99, but you can buy them here for $ 84.99.

This electronic massage acupuncture pen combines old healing techniques with a completely modern packaging. Use it to stimulate certain pressure points without the use of needles and take it with you anywhere for instant relief.

Typically, this pen costs $ 29.99, but you can get it here for $ 19.99.

This EverTone EMS Hips Trainer & Butt Toner is definitely not a substitute for squats and helps to tighten and lift the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and hips. It has five stimulation modes and 20 intensity levels to adapt to your needs.

Typically, this device costs $ 24.99, but you can find it here for $ 19.99.

Settle down after a long, exhausting workout and experience a full body massage with this 10-motor full body massage mat with warmth. This flexible, cozy massage mat is equipped with ten invigorating massage motors that target your entire back line and relieve pain and stiffness all over your body.

Typically, this mat costs $ 69.99, but you can buy it here for $ 59.99.

Who doesn’t want a six pack of abs? This Evertone 6-pack EMS Abs Trainer makes your dream come true with six stimulation modes and 10 different intensity levels to increase the effectiveness of your training and to slim and shape your abdominal muscles.

Typically, this trainer costs $ 29.99, but you can find it here for $ 19.99.

Pain relief with the patented Thera Freeze original therapy belt: It is a pain relief device for the home with adjustable Velcro fastener that offers targeted cold therapy to affected areas. It helps in the quick recovery of injuries and relieves general ailments.

Typically, this belt costs $ 99.99, but you can buy it here for $ 89.99.

For those long days when you have to stay on your feet even when you are tired, we recommend this anti-fatigue massage mat with an integrated vibration foot massager. If you just stand on it, you will experience a deep, relaxing foot massage – and alleviate pain by standing longer.

Typically, this mat costs $ 129.99, but you can buy it here for $ 119.95.

If your neck is always sore, check out this Tranquil 2.0 neck support for relief. It uses a gentle, adjustable lowering method to support healthy neck posture and extension – it even relieves the upper back.

Typically, this device costs $ 149, but you can buy it here for $ 109.99.

Enjoy a soothing nap with this warm Shiatsu pillow massager. The ergonomic construction fits perfectly into your neck or back measurements, while the four deep-kneading rotating knots relieve pain, knots and muscle tension.

Typically, this massager costs $ 89.95, but you can buy it here for $ 39.99.

With this wireless percussion massage gun Muscle Blaster V2 by JAWKU you can get rid of muscle pain to support the natural healing of your body. It offers five different frequencies, amplitudes and torques, so you can adapt your approach to your muscle needs.

Typically, this massage gun costs $ 299.99, but you can buy it here for $ 229.99.

This practical and effective digital pulse massager specifically relieves your aching muscles. This handy pocket-sized device offers multiple settings and modes, a compact design and two output channels.

Typically, this massager costs $ 399.99, but you can buy it here for $ 39.

The Digital Pulse Massager combo shoe set is the ultimate expression of a foot massage and combines science with a good, old-fashioned foot massage. Put these shoes on and attach the stimulators for a highly specific release of aching feet.

This shoe set usually costs $ 395, but you can buy it here for $ 32.



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