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Dear Stoner: What kind of cannabis works best for sleeping — CBD or THC? Do edibles or oils work better than smoking? Trying to find a cheap route here.

Dear Diane: Cannabis and the many ways to consume it affect all of us differently, although certain strains, terpenes and cannabinoids have been shown to have some general characteristics that we can rely on. If you’re not interested in getting high, CBD oil and isolate can help induce sleep if dabbed or ingested, as can CBN (but CBN is much harder to find). Standard indica strains and concentrates with THC, or those with high amounts of CBD and some THC, can be excellent sleep aids and are very effective in small doses if your tolerance is low.

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A variety of cannabis strains and products can help induce sleep.

A variety of cannabis strains and products can help induce sleep.

Tom Murphy

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Edibles have been known to help relax the body more than smoking, but they take longer to kick in and the high can linger until after you wake up. Edibles can also be extremely strong if your body isn’t used to ingesting them. All of those options are going to cost money, too, so I’d suggest starting with smoking or vaporizing flower as the cheapest route, or edibles if you’d prefer not to smoke. Concentrates are the most effective, though.

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