Man says he lost his job after using CBD oil, failing drug test – CTV News

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REGINA — A man who used CBD oil to overcome a dependance on opioids says he lost his job as a welder, after he failed a drug test.

After a decade of taking opioids to deal with pain stemming from a car accident as a teenager and a workplace injury as an adult, Chad Osask started using CBD oil last year as a pain relief medicine at the advice of a doctor and it made a world of difference.

“It’s like hearing the birds for the first time, it’s like seeing the sun for the first time, it’s life changing,” Osask said. “I mentally feel better now than I did the whole time when I was taking opioids.”

Chad Osask

While CBD oil improved Osask’s life, it caused some issues with his employer, leading to a failed drug test.

“It’s been a living hell,” Osask said. “You work for a company that tells you to jump, you jump, you do absolutely everything for the company, you don’t ever complain, yet when push comes to shove and you need their help, they just push you out the door.”

In the drug test results, Osask also tested positive for THC and opioids, which he expected, but it also detected cocaine, which he adamantly denies using.

“I went to my family doctor and had a witnessed drug test done – where he stands directly in front of you and watches you fill that cup – and it came back only the THC, which I knew should have been in my system,” Osask said.

Osask submitted a complaint to the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission earlier this year with a goal of clearing his name in regards to his employment record, but it was dismissed. He’s now planning to continue his fight in court.


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