Local Store Pulls CBD Oil Off Its Shelves After State Pharmacy Board Ruling

A statewide notice that says CBD oil is illegal to sell by non-sanctioned stores has local natural health shops pulling their CBD products off the shelves.

The notice, sent out by Ohio’s Board of Pharmacy, says CBD oil can be distributed legally by those under the state-sanctioned medical marijuana program. The program is expected to start by early 2019.

Mary Jayne Stone, a buyer for the Kent Natural Foods Co-op, said despite not having to answer to the Board of Pharmacy, they pulled all CBD products off shelves.

“We haven’t got any notice or anything like that, but we just don’t wanna have any issues so we’ve pulled the products and we just hope that it gets straightened out.”

Stone says it’s unfortunate because people who buy CBD oil use it to remedy pain and anxiety.

While there are other natural remedies for these conditions, she says customers got better results with CBD oil.

Source: http://www.wksu.org/post/local-store-pulls-cbd-oil-its-shelves-after-state-pharmacy-board-ruling

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