Local people using Hemp CBD Oil for pain management

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho (KIFI/KIDK) – A local store is using alternative treatments for pain and other illnesses. Snake River Solace sells THC-Free Hemp Cannabidiol oil, known as CBD oil. They say it is an isolate meaning the THC is extracted.

Snake River Solace customers have different reasons for using CBD Oil.

“All of my joints are bad, they don’t have much cartilage in them. I need surgery but don’t have much insurance. And I’m missing a chunk of my ribs, I have two of them, and the ribs tear the muscle and it’s pretty painful,” says Michael Quinn, a customer.

“My son introduced me to CBD oil and he said it would help. I had a shoulder surgery and I was very skeptical. I didn’t know anything about it, and I trust my son and he gave me some. The pain was not gone but it was diminished,” says Clayton Quinn, a customer and Michael’s father.

“I had fallen down the stairs and hurt my neck and my shoulder and had been in chronic pain, and it’s the one thing that I looked into and found that it would help,” says Shannon Slayton, a customer.

But they all have one thing I common: they say that using the oil lessened their pain.

The Quinn family says it doesn’t have the side effects of pain medication.

“Medication doesn’t really get rid of the pain, it makes you drugged. I was very skeptical, and it seems to not make you drugged. There’s no drugged effect,” says Clayton.

“There’s still pain but it’s significantly less. It’s being able to be sober, I’ve been doing this for eight years and have only been able to be this sober now since using Hemp CBD,” says Michael.

And overall improved their quality of life.

“Using it, I’ve discovered that I have more energy, I can function during the day. For a long time, I was functioning at a real low level because of the pain,” says Slayton.

Hemp CBD is not a cure for pain but customers say it helps.

Snake River Solace says its products are tested in a lab to ensure its free of THC. You can visit the store at 1120 S Blvd #102 in Idaho Falls.

Source: https://www.localnews8.com/news/local-people-using-hemp-cbd-oil-for-pain-management/780641074

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