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BALTIMORE, Sept. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ —¬†This week at Natural Products Expo East, LifePatent, Inc. will unveil its unique patent-pending LPX technology, delivering unrivaled bioavailability within the emerging hemp-CBD marketplace. Also known as Nature’s Delivery SystemTM, this elevated technology complements LifePatent’s full spectrum whole hemp product lines while enhancing their efficacy. ¬†

LifePatent is an innovative research company focused on unlocking the natural medicinal properties of hemp. Visit us at

Founded in 2017, LifePatent is an innovator in developing whole-hemp health and wellness products. Guided by the principles of integrity and purity, LifePatent has developed a diverse line of full spectrum whole hemp and broad spectrum THC-free CBD products, including formulations for daily health and wellness; CBD/A blends for maximum potency and relief; calming and restorative tinctures to promote sleep; and topicals for joints, muscles and irritated skin.

“After years of painstaking research and testing, we are excited to announce this new technology that has no current equivalent in the hemp-CBD marketplace,” stated Keith Butler, LifePatent’s co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “Other companies claim high levels of bioavailability for their products, but we actually deliver. Our LPX technology goes beyond the boundaries of nano-emulsion to provide the most effective administration of balancing cannabinoids to consumers.”

Any LifePatent products that bear the LPX label utilize LifePatent’s unique absorption technology that harnesses the power of Mother Nature and a 100% all-natural process that increases the bioavailability of full spectrum cannabinoids, including CBD, plus any fat-loving compounds, like Omegas. This novel scientific technology raises the bar for products claiming to deliver high absorption rates.

¬†“Research and science underpin the quality of all LifePatent products,” stated Dr. Jim Kane, LifePatent’s Chief Scientist responsible for developing LPX technology. ¬†“As a chemist and microbiologist, I have developed an all-natural delivery mechanism that dramatically increases the absorption potential for the cannabinoids in our products.”

“LifePatent products are the most innovative on the market,” stated Annie Rouse, LifePatent’s Chief Knowledge Officer. “I have not seen anything that competes with this.”

LifePatent is an innovative research company focused on unlocking the natural medicinal properties of hemp. We are dedicated to advancing the science behind the growth, extraction and application of hemp cannabinoids for healthier living. Our focus on quality control, 3rd party analysis, and cGMP-compliant manufacturing standards ensures our hemp products are the most pure, effective, safe and consistent in the marketplace. Visit us at

LifePatent LPX Technology is an all-natural delivery system that harnesses the power of Mother Nature to provide the most effective delivery method for CBD on the market.


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