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On today’s podcast we cover day 2 of the latest attempted character assassination of Brett Kavanaugh. Also, Ilhan Omar has a magical plan to give everyone who wants one a government job that will somehow pay for itself, and Saturday Night Live fires a newly hired cast member because Lorne Michaels is a coward afraid of the liberal mob.

Listen to the show:

A day after humiliating itself with a failed attempted hit job on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the New York Times was back with another bite at the apple. The two reporters who soiled the sheets over the weekend were making the rounds to sell more books, and only made things worse when they appeared on MSNBC. But Democrats remained undeterred by reality, still calling for impeachment and ignoring the fact that the woman who allegedly was assaulted by Kavanaugh in college has no memory of it. “Believe all women,” except when they say something didn’t happen. We have the audio and dissect it all.

Ilhan Omar has a bill to offer a government job to everyone who wants one. When asked on CNN how she would pay for it, she rambled a bit, then said it would pay for itself. Being the intrepid journalist she is, Erin Burnett didn’t question the insanity of the claim. We have to clip and do the math.

Saturday Night Live used to be the cutting edge of comedy, now it’s the whipping boy of the liberal mob. They hired, then a few days later, fired a new cast member over jokes he’s told in the past. Another scalp for the outrage police, and another nail in the coffin of a once-great comedy show that has stayed on the air long past its willingness to take any chances.

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