Letters to the editor for August 12, 2018

CF, Appleton are community treasures. Medical pot costs are high.

Go for the gold!

I read with a sense of deep pride about the College of Central Florida’s (CF) latest achievement — moving to the Silver level of the Florida College System (Aug. 5 Star-Banner). Every resident of Marion County can be proud of this accomplishment. To have a college that improves the employment of our community with higher pay and more jobs is a boon to the local economy. As CF President James Henningsen remarked, “Let’s go for the gold! There is no reason we cannot do that.”

Equally important to the Marion County economy is the presence of the Appleton Museum of Art, which is owned and operated by CF. Thanks to the generosity of Arthur I. Appleton’s gift, this 30-year old institution provides residents and tourists alike with a world-class collection and programs for children and adults.

Today, the Appleton faces financial challenges. I believe it is everyone’s responsibility to not only be proud of what we have to offer but also ensure that the college and the museum will be permanent fixtures in the community. What both have to offer is unique for a city the size of Ocala. With the presence of these fine institutions, we can have it all.

We need to “go for the gold” in education, art and economic prosperity.

Mary B. Kraus, Appleton Museum of Art volunteer, Ocala

Medical pot costs

The medical marijuana laws are pretty clear. You need to have a life-threatening condition or one that only the medical marijuana will help. You have to have a prescription for it and have that prescription filled at a licensed dispensary. You also need your medical marijuana license.

What is wrong with this law is, marijuana is by prescription only. But when a person buys their license after being doctor-approved — which costs dearly — they then have to pay for the prescription to be written, then pay for the marijuana CBD oil.

None of this, by the way, is covered by insurance. Why aren’t insurance companies libel to pay their part for something so necessary in some people’s lives?

No, I am not getting a prescription nor a license. But my sister has cancer and this is helping her. She is not alone in this battle to be pain free and help with her ongoing treatments. Yes, her insurance pays some of her cancer treatments, but her co-pays for her treatments do add up.

To get her marijuana CBD oil it is another HUGE expense with no help from her insurance company. Why is a prescription that is written by a doctor, a legally approved prescription by the state, not covered by health insurance?

I have seen several hundred people commenting about this same problem they face in being able to afford it. They all have insurance and it covers their other prescriptions. But not medical marijuana.

People with serious health issues are being screwed over royally — first by insurance companies and what they pay for cancer treatment — then again buy their Insurance carrier that will not pay for a legitimate prescription allowed by law. People are suffering because they cannot afford the CBD oil made from the marijuana plants.

Help make insurance carriers pay for legitimately prescribed medication.

Renee Seales, Ocala

School terrorism drills

Having been a reporter on newspapers in the Midwest and having taught teens for 30 years, I am not in favor of police drills being conducted on the actual school grounds. There are just too many visual suggestions to do harm being placed in possibly unstable minds here.

I know our police are looking to train in these fraught circumstances. However, seeing armed police walking up school steps, in the halls, and in other volatile images is not safe. I urge school boards this school year to forgo their eagerness to engage with the media, and instead, to use discretion. You are putting dreadful images in impressionable minds, perhaps to terrible results. An unstable young person, ignored and abused in his young life, could seek and find the recognition and attention he never received.

You have to “harden” your entry points and you have to let it be known that actions have consequences. Why are not retired law enforcement officers being hired in nondescript attire to observe what goes on?

Suzanne Eovaldi, Ocala

Source: http://www.ocala.com/opinion/20180812/letters-to-editor-for-august-12-2018

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