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When it comes to pain, there are folks who take pills or just grin and bear it. For others, they change their entire lifestyle so that they remain pain free. What many have discovered is that there are other alternatives, including those infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

Angela Arena Foster opened Kind Lab, a retail shop offering just those types of products, at the corner of Pond and Cabot streets in early April. And so far, the response has been great.

“A big thing about a company like this is that people are curious, yet cautious,” she said. “A lot of our referrals so far have been word of mouth … when people get that kind of relief from a product, they want to share it with others.”

Everything in the store is made with hemp extract, and not hemp seed oil, Arena Foster noted. And the products go far beyond just oils and balms. Kind Lab carries CBD-infused vinegar, honey, gummies, coffee, tea, room spray and much more. The store even offers dog treats.

Each of the products can help alleviate all kinds of ailments, from pain and arthritis to anxiety and sleeplessness.

“And there are other inflammation issues that can potentially be helped with CBD,” Arena Foster said.

Arena Foster and hemp specialist Allie Byrnes work to find the right combination of products that will work best for each person who comes to the shop,

“We act as the matchmaker,” Arena Foster said. “We find out what will work well for each customer and get them on the right regimen … We want to set people up for success.”

With so many different stores and online retailers selling products that contain hemp extract, Arena Foster said folks can become overwhelmed or not understand the proper dosages to take for a particular ailment. At Kind Lab, a knowledgeable person is there to help customers make sure they’re getting products that will benefit them.

“People have so many questions,” Arena Foster explained. “We guide people through the process of determining what will and won’t work for each person … what will give them the highest rate of success.”

When deciding to open the shop in Beverly, Arena Foster said location played a big role.

“Beverly is very central to a lot of other communities,” she said, explaining that it’s also easy to get to via public transportation. “There are a lot of like businesses around here that are up and coming.”

Though the corner space may be a bit large for the amount of product offered, Arena Foster said she expects to grow into it. In the meantime, the extra room will allow for all sorts of other health-related pop-up activities, like yoga, to take place right inside the shop.

In addition to CBD-infused items, Arena Foster said she will be featuring other products from women-owned businesses at Kind Lab, as well as working with local practitioners to hold workshops, demonstrations and information sessions.

“We want to help people have a better quality of life,” she said.

And, based on some of the feedback Arena Foster has received, Kind Lab products are definitely having that effect.

“I love hearing the success stories,” she said. “Hearing people tell me that this has changed their life makes me happy.”

Now that the shop in Beverly is open, Arena Foster said she is already looking at more potential Kind Lab locations.

“We’d love to be down in Florida,” she said, noting the aging population, as well as the variety of people interested in alternative options for healing. “We want to be in areas where we can do the most good.”

Kind Lab, located at 276 Cabot St., Beverly, is open seven days a week; patrons must be 18 to enter the shop.

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