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A young gamer who goes by zylTV went viral last week for his live streams of the popular video game Fortnite. He films his gameplay on Twitch, a video game streaming platform, to raise money for his father’s life-saving cancer treatments.

One of his videos went viral on July 8th, explaining his family’s situation. zylTV’s father was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer in September, and it spread to his lungs and liver, resulting in a more recent stage 4 diagnosis. ZylTV has been hosting Fortnite live streams to raise money for his father’s treatment since May 13.

fortnite kid cancer treatment
Photo: ZylTV’s Twitter profile

“He is currently undergoing chemotherapy,” zylTV said in the livestream chat section. “These are the circumstances doctors gave him: No chemo, one-year death; three years, chemo 20% live.”

He asked viewers in this recent video to donate anything possible, stating “All money will go toward funding [my father’s] medication.” As of July 11th, viewers had donated more than $7,200 Canadian dollars, which zylTV revealed to his father in livestream.

The young gamer told his father “someone” was paying for their flight and hotel, asking him, “Happy?” The question met with a smile and a nod.

ZylTV thanked his viewers in a Tweet on July 8th: “OMG EVERYONE! I can’t even thank anyone from this stream with words. I’m truly speechless. You guys changed my and my dad’s life forever. me and my dad will remember this my whole life.”

In a Tweet on July 10th, ZylTV posted pictures of some of the things he was able to buy his father with the donations: essential medications, CBD oil, a wheelchair and a hospital bed for the home.

ZylTV is showing the world what the internet, and streaming platforms, can be used for. Because of the popularity of Fortnite, this young gamer was able to help his family afford the medication that could impact his father’s illness.


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