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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Some local business owners say they’re being shut down instead of being allowed to join the CBD oil craze.

Hogshead launched a drink with CBD oil back in August, but they never actually sold any of  it. The owner said Regulated Industries, the Kansas City agency that oversees alcohol licences, told them CBD is not allowed in drinks.

“It’s such a hot kind of thing in the country right now,” said Clark Grant, the executive chef and proprietor at Hogshead.

Grant’s CBD tiki-esque cocktail was short lived not once but twice.

“We got phone calls saying, ‘Hey you can’t do this,'” Grant said. “So we pulled the menus immediately. We never sold one.”

CBD oil on it’s own is now legal in Missouri and Kansas. It comes from the hemp plant, which was legalized for industrial use when President Donald Trump signed the new farm bill late last month.

Clark Grant

When that happened, Hogshead tried to serve up the CBD cocktail again.

“We aren’t entirely positive why we can’t serve it now. But we have reached back out to them and asked, and they said it’s still a no-fly-zone for us,” Grant said.

That’s frustrating for Grant, who said a CBD drink could help Hogshead stay relevant and spark interest from customers.

Across state line in Kansas, Grant’s business partner owns One Block South, which is selling CBD cocktails.

“They spoke with the alcohol control in Kansas and were given the go ahead,” Grant said.

When the farm bill went through, the FDA spoke out and said CBD oil in food is illegal. Grant understands the need for the FDA to make sure everything is safe but said there needs to be consistency in how government agencies handle CBD oil in food and drinks.

“Until we get regulations that are written in a way that don’t have gray areas, it’s going to be very difficult,” Grant said.

The FDA said it will hold a public meeting for stakeholders to share their experiences and challenges with CBD oil and other hemp products. The information shared will be used to make legal pathways for products more predictable and efficient.

FOX4 reached out to Regulated Industries for comment, but we did not hear back by time of publication.

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