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K9 CBD Oil Introduction

Taking care of our pets is a trait good people possess for centuries and even millennia. However, that care was limited in the past, while today we have means of reducing their pain and suffering just by purchasing and feeding an unflavored, natural substance that’s more powerful than conventional medicine. Of course, a veterinarian should be consulted before doing anything, but K9 CBD Oil sells high-quality products that can only help the current situation. Avid Hemp provides the best CBD products on the market. Grab the latest discount using Avid Hemp Coupon Code.

Why is K9 CBD Oil Best?

It’s evident by anyone that gives their website even a passing glance that they’re not in it to get rich. They limited the number of products they sell to maximize the formula’s efficiency and help our dogs in the process. New products are underway, of course. CBDK9 even offers free shipping if you order two products or more, and will even allow you to return the product if your dog doesn’t like it, even though there’s absolutely no reason for that. For all type of organic hemp oils visit CBD American Shaman. Get 20% discount using CBD American Shaman Coupon Code.


Organic And Non-GMO

There is not a touch of synthetic products in any way, or manipulation of genetics to alter the crops in any way. And in all honesty, there’s no need either! CBD oil is well known and gaining even more popularity in the recent years since cannabis was made legal in some states. All products are carefully checked and approved by the Food Association of America (FDA) and are completely safe for dog and pet use in general.

Family-Owned Farm, Natural

CBDK9 gets the cannabis and thus the oil as well from a family that has a farm in Kentucky. In other words, their goal isn’t to make massive amounts of money by adding pesticides and modifying crops to get a higher amount of plants while sacrificing quality of products in the process. They’ll never use harmful chemicals, or alter the chemical formulation of the CBD oil you get – it’s as pure as it gets!


Hemp Oil For Dogs

The first product and the bestseller so far is their 250mg tincture of CBD oil. The processes of extracting and packaging the oil follow the standards that avoid harming the environment. No artificial or natural flavor is added to make it easy for dogs to ingest it without problems.

Hemp Oil For Larger Dog Breeds

The new product CBDK9 had to add to their online store because of such a high demand. It shares the same beneficial properties as their first one, but twice the amount of CBD inside – 500mg. The product can be consumed by larger breeds of dogs or even humans since the amount inside is viable and approved for people to use without worry.


With only two products in the store as of now, they only have a limited number of products to compete with. While the prices are a tad more expensive than you’d find products somewhere else – keep one thing in mind. Nothing can beat natural product from a family farm that hasn’t been touched against chemicals and contaminated in the process of production, all the way to your doorstep.


In the end, when your pet is hurting, you’d give anything to help him, and even wish you could transfer the paint to yourself, so you don’t have to see him that way. Well, there’s no need for anyone to suffer, since CBD oil will help immensely. Both injuries and physical diseases can be mended and even cured, all thanks to CBDK9.

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