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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Your CBD Store of Augusta is located on Washington Road in Martinez. It’s the only dedicated CBD store in the Augusta area, carrying oils to edibles, vape products, skin care, even CBD pet care.

Bruce Lyons is one of the partners there.

“Our business has exploded We personally have 7 stores in Greenwood, Columbia, and the Augusta area and our Company has 300 nationwide now. The president of our company goes to Colorado, where the hemp is grown, processed, and tested for THC The last test is a third party independent lab test which has become a big deal if you look at our bottles, there is a code on them you can scan them with your cell phone as a mater of fact, and it will take you to a third party independent lab test showing what is in the hemp and all that.”

“Our number one customer coming through the door is for pain, like Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy, chronic pain, arthritis, so the number one person they’ll use a combination of either an oil or water soluble morning and night and then they’ll use… or they’ll use the pain cream directly on where they are hurting like an elbow, or ankle or knee or back or whatever. We say the best way to use CBD for pain is to get it in you and on you, and those two products will do that for you.”

Many people use CBD oil for their pets.

“I have a dog that when a storm comes in just goes absolutely crazy, fireworks goes crazy. so if we know, like New Years Eve we give her a couple of our little pet treats and it relaxes them. It seems great for anxiety, A lot of people use it for older dogs with arthritis. They’ll tell you stories and stories of my dog wouldn’t eat, my dog couldn’t climb the steps and after they started on CBD, it seems like the older dogs are getting up the steps, they are eating, they are moving around. and it is really done wonders for a lot of pets.”

Lyons says many of his customers report going off their medications after strting CBD oil.

“If you come into one of our stores on a Saturday, you’ll see a line of people come through there telling us, I mean is not us claiming it, is those people telling us I am off this medication, I am off that medication I reduced this one in half I only take it once every two days now or whatever. It is really crazy what’s going on with CBD right now.”


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