I’ve Tried Countless Products to Relieve My Chronic Migraine Pain — These Are the Ones That Work

I’ve been suffering from chronic migraines for nearly two decades, and when I say I’ve tried nearly everything, I mean it. There’s not a migraine medication my doctor hasn’t had me try out, and I get 30 to 40 injections of Botox for migraines on my head, neck, and shoulders every three months to lower the frequency and severity of my debilitating headaches. I sleep about nine hours a night whenever possible because I find it helps, and I drink a ton of water in an attempt to avoid dehydration — but still, the migraines come. And while it’s almost always necessary for me to take medication when I experience a migraine due to the intensity of the pain, I have found some other remedies that give me relief, either because they take the extra edge off or ease other symptoms. Below, check out 11 of the things in my migraine toolbox, from an icy-cool massage roller to my hands-down favorite CBD tincture. You can grab them all online, and some are even available at drugstores or specialty wellness stores if you don’t want to wait for shipping. Source: https://www.allure.com/gallery/best-migraine-relief-products-to-buy-online

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