‘It’s a game changer:’ CBD will probably start showing up in more medicines

CBD (Madeline Montgomery/WPDE)

A Surfside Beach man says CBD, a compound from marijuana and hemp, has changed his and his family’s life.

“These drops have gotten rid of my problems with my knees and joints,” said Bob Bannan.

Bannan started using CBD oil for his arthritis.

“CBD helps with inflammation,” said Dr. Chad Bone, chiropractor at Align Chiropractic and Massage.

But it can be used for a whole lot more. Information Dr. Bone shared with Bannan.

“It’s been great for pain, it’s been great for inflammation, for stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Bone.

Bannan said his 6-year-old grandson has a childhood sensory disorder, which makes certain sensations, like feeling wet, unbearable. The drops helped.

“He said I’m really brave with my new drops,” said Bannan.

So what exactly is CBD?

“It comes from the hemp plant, which is also similar to the cannabis plant,” said Dr. Bone. Which gives CBD a stigma.

“The stigma comes form the link between the hemp plant and the cannabis plant. How they’re so similar. But this, with CBD in the hemp, you almost get zero THC,” said Dr. Bone.

Meaning you cannot get high from it.

“It’s a game changer as far as I’m concerned. I see an improvement in my overall health,” said Bannan.

You will probably start seeing CBD in more products now that the FDA has approved medicine with it.

“So , it was just a matter of time before the medical community got behind it,” said Dr. Bone.

“It can be a lifechanger for some people and I’d highly recommend trying it,” said Bannan.

CBD oil is sold at most health stores and chiropractor offices.

Source: http://wpde.com/news/local/its-a-game-changer-cbd-will-probably-start-showing-up-in-more-medicines

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