Isodiol Enters Agreement with ALTIS To Develop CBD Products For Athletes

Isodiol International Inc. (ISOL), a manufacturer of pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBD-based products, announced that its subsidiary, Iso-Sport, has entered into an agreement with ALTIS LLC. Based out of Arizona, ALTIS is a company dedicated to promoting Track & Field through multi-disciplinary unification of the sport and provides elite athletes a variety of services such as coaching, integrated support services, and education.

Under the agreement, Iso-Sport and Altis will work closely together to research and develop CBD products aimed at improving athletic performance, recovery, and sleep. To that end, the companies will design and implement a designated within Altis’ primary track and field facility that is dedicated to sports science, dubbed the “Iso-Sport Living Lab.”

The companies will also work together to produce or facilitate at least one scientific study per year to investigate the impact of CBD on athletic health and performance. Altis will distribute and sell Iso-Sport CBD products throughout its retail and wholesale distribution channels and publish one or more articles on its website that specifically demonstrate the benefits of CBD in athletic health and performance.

As part of the agreement, Isodiol will pay Altis an initial cash payment of $250,000 and provide Altis athletes with a supply of Iso-Sport products. Additionally, Isodiol will make annual cash payments of $125,000 to Altis, which will be based on the fulfillment of performance milestones.

“With the introduction of the Altis: Iso-Sport Living Lab, we aim to generate new scientific data and knowledge by exploring, experimenting, and evaluating new ideas within the natural sporting ecosystem,” said Altis CEO, Stuart McMillan. “Altis is building a community of innovative, multi-disciplinary, and collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, private businesses, coaches, researchers, and athletes with the goal of, quite simply, changing the way sports science is done by turning the real world into a laboratory.  This new relationship with Isodiol and Iso-Sport and the companies’ innovation with CBD products is a great step forward toward our goals.”

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