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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) — We all know the holidays can be hectic. And a visit to a busy hair salon during this frenzied season can add your stress and anxiety level.

But one Scottsdale day spa is offering a unique experience to its customers designed to add some tranquility and Zen to the salon experience.

Millennium Day Spa & Salon is creating the calm and bringing the beauty, all at the same time.

Millennium owner Edye Friedman has always dreamed of owning her own day spa, but adding a salon was a bonus. As a licensed massage therapist with more than 25 years of experience, Friedman was determined to incorporate the holistic and natural side of the spa industry as well.

Edye’s goal was to create a space that would promote well-being, relaxation and rejuvenation in a salon atmosphere.

And Millennium delivers… taking beauty and wellness to another level.

The staff provides the beauty basics like cuts, color, manis and pedis…  but also offers a whole other side of self-care with the Zen-worthy additions of massages, facials, CBD, salt therapy and essential oils treatments.

Edye often jokes about the two distinct sides of the day spa: the bustling, energetic salon side, and the hushed, tranquil spa side.

Recently, she’s been figuring out ways merge those two worlds.

Millennium’s “spa side” houses one of the few private, Himalayan Salt Therapy rooms in Arizona. Salt Therapy provides in a soothing atmosphere and can help with energy, mood and well-being.

Millennium's Salt Therapy room

Salt Therapy provides in a soothing atmosphere and can help with energy, mood and well-being.

During a Salt (or Halo) Therapy session at Millennium, clients sit in zero gravity chairs and relax in a dimly lit, private room.

[Read more HERE about the benefits of Himalayan Salt Therapy]

Edye shared that a recent client had been getting her hair highlighted when she felt a “horrible migraine” coming on, likely aggravated by the lights and noise of the full salon.

Staffers quickly whisked her off to the Salt Therapy room to decompress and unwind while her hair color was processing.

The Salt Room worked its magic, and the client soon felt as good as new, and ready to complete her service with no further discomfort.

“Such a light bulb moment!” Edye remarked. “Why haven’t we been offering this to our clients more often?”

After that experience, more clients have been urged to utilize the salt room during their color processing treatments.

The soothing environment helped calm one client who was experiencing elevated blood pressure. It’s also helped others who were feeling “stressed out” and just needed a quiet place. (Luckily, salt therapy has no effect on the hair color process.)

Even felt anxious at a busy salon? You’re not alone. Approximately 15 million Americans suffer from social anxiety disorder, which can make people experience fear and anxiety in social situations.

Experts who consult in the spa and salon industry say that some 70% of salon clients experience anxiety during their first visit. Sometimes the chatter of an active salon can be more stressful than soothing.

Those findings have sparked a new trend in salons: the “quiet chair,” or the “quiet room.” It’s a holistic approach to hair, one that offers a safe space for someone who craves quiet instead of chit chat. And for anxious salon-goers, a quiet chair can provide a soothing respite from the hustle and bustle of the regular salon.

One of Millennium’s Master Stylists, Laura Salazar, is in favor of the quiet chair. She takes more of a spa-approach to styling. Just like when getting a massage, Laura takes a moment to find out a client’s goals and challenges then gets to work creating a positive experience.

“I like to create a peaceful, relaxing environment for guests sitting in my chair. I am hyper-aware of the anxiety people can feel, especially first time guests,” Laura said. “If I am busy talking about the weather or personal issues, then I am not focusing on their hair.” ​

Laura has some advice for those seeking a more low-key salon visit.

“When I know that clients are hoping for a relaxing experience, I encourage them to book on Mondays – our by-appointment work day. The salon has a peaceful, yet focused, vibe and gives clients a ‘quiet chair’ solution.”

When Edye brought up the concept of a quiet chair to her introverted husband, he applauded the idea, admitting that he would love to be given an “out” on small talk when he’s getting his hair cut.

Edye has many other ways that she creates a more holistic and natural experience for Millennium clients, including using ammonia-free hair coloring, providing products which utilize essential oils and offering cranial massages in the shampoo bowl, along with hand and shoulder massages while processing.

There’s no doubt that a visit to Millennium will help you look and feel beautiful … both inside and out.

Millennium Day Spa & Salon

7609 East Pinnacle Peak Road (Located at the SE corner of Pinnacle Peak & Miller)

Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Call: 480-513-9733 or email:

Find out more on Millennium’s website, Facebook page and Instagram.


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