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How to utilise your vape pen with oil, e-juice and dry herb

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Vape pens are often utilised for vaping THC, CBD cartridges, nicotine-based vape juice and CBD vape oils. Besides, there are vape pens designed specifically for vaping dry herb as well as cannabis concentrates.

And the good news is that using these devices is extremely simple straightforward, so it’s perfect for those who’re trying vaping for the first time. In this guide, various types of vape pens are discussed in addition to how they’re used effectively.

Why invest in A vape pen?

A vape pen is typically designed to heat up a cartridge of a vape tank to generate vapour. They feature a rechargeable battery and are pocket-sized, as well as cylindrical in shape. Vape pens were first introduced into the e-cigarette industry in the year 2010 by a company called Janty. They were then popularised by Joyetech.

Since their entry into the market, these devices have continued revolutionising the vaporiser industry by offering massive battery capacity as well as longer running times. Plus, it also provides users with the ability to swap cartridges and atomisers. Before the invention of vape pens, e-cigarettes were tiny self-contained units bearing the size and shape of an ordinary cigarette.

Vape pens are commonly used with dry herb, CBD oil cartridges, wax/dabs, E-liquids and THC oil cartridges. So, if you want a superior vaping experience, order your device from a leading vape juice supplier such as

How they work

Before you start vaping, ensure that your device is fully charged. A higher mAh battery rating implies more life, but it might take quite long for your vape pane to reach full charge.

If the vape pen you’ve purchased is button-operated, consider clicking the power button about five times in rapid succession to switch it off. When vaping, you should always press the button exactly at the same time as inhaling- pressing it too soon could end up making the vapour too hot. Certain vape pen batteries are often draw-activated, so there aren’t any buttons to play with. It’s also important to note that most vape pens feature a cut-off time of approximately ten seconds and will automatically shut off if your puff lasts a bit longer than that.

Sophisticated vape pens might also incorporate additional features such as variable voltage and preheat mode. Typically, three rapid clicks adjust the device’s voltage level, which is often indicated by a distinctive colour LED lights.

Are they really safe?

Most vape pens run on in-built lithium ion batteries, the same type of batteries which power your laptop, phone or tablet. They’re generally outfitted with internal chips that feature multiple safety features such as short-circuit protection, low resistance protection, overheat protection, cut-off limit, as well as high/low voltage protection.

If your vape pen uses replaceable batteries, however, you may want to consider learning the basics regarding battery safety. Though very rare, most of the incidents associated with battery use are very rare. Take good care of your device and ensure that you’re utilising the charger specifically designed for your vape pen.


If you’re looking for an interesting way to take CBD, consider utilising a vape pen. These devices are uniquely designed to provide vapers with a convenient way of relaxing while also benefitting from CBD’s therapeutic effects. They’re commonly utilised with dry herb, THC/CBD oil cartridges, as well as e-liquids.

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