How Neoteric Nutra is Changing the Face of CBD

In recent years, CBD and Cannabidiol products have become increasing more and more popular. With doctors and researchers alike lauding the incredible health benefits of CBD for a wide range of physical, emotional, and cognitive conditions, it’s easy to see why. As more and more research emerge daily on just what Cannabidiol can do for a variety of ailments, demand for CBD products has become so prominent that reserves are beginning to run short on supply. Products containing hemp extract that are rich in healing and health promoting CBDs, and are low THC, the psychoactive component in Cannabis, have shown to do everything from alleviate aches and pains and promote overall health, to providing heightened mental clarity and promoting better sleep. Neoteric Nutra, the world leader of quality and standardization in the CBD industry, is providing the best and healthiest hemp extract today. 

Neoteric’s nextHemp Nano Soft Gels are guaranteed to be made of the most top of the line hemp extract, and to be healthy, safe, and effective for a variety of users. The nextHemp Softgels are both gluten and Lactose free and are made with only safe edible ingredients. Sourced fully from American agricultural hemp, it is obvious Neoteric is committed to providing the best possible Cannabidiol products to their users, and to ensure their effectiveness no matter the user. Part of the way Neoteric manages this is through their exclusive nextHEMP technology. This unique research done by the company has revolutionized our CBD intake. 

Neoteric’s nextHEMP technology allows for significant amplification of Cannabidiol in the bloodstream. Not only does this mean faster relief for those using the nextHEMP Nano Soft Gels for pain management, it also ensures that gels have a consistent result on the body. This bio-enhancement allows the company to meet demands yet unmet by the nutraceutical, wellness, and dietary supplement industries. In research it has been found that upwards of 95% of non-bio-enhanced hemp is not absorbed in the blood stream requiring high doses to upward of 200MG. NextHEMP, however is water soluble, it has a much greater absorption rate. 10MG of Neoteric’s nextHEMP has been found to equal 200MG of non-enhanced hemp. 

As a company heralding the benefits of Cannabidiol, Neoteric adheres to strict protocols in each step of manufacturing their nextHemp Nano Softgels. The company meets standards set forth by Good Agricultural Practices, Environment, Health and Safety, Kosher Standards, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to ensure that their hemp extract is of the utmost quality. All Neoteric’s products are sourced from agricultural hemp and are made proudly in the USA. The company has made a commitment to providing the gold standard when it comes to their CBD, a welcome unique stance in an industry where many use hemp of substandard or questionable quality. With such amazing health benefits, and such an eye for quality and concern for their customer’s health, Neoteric is providing healing and health promoting hemp extract in ways that no other brand ever has.

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