Hot Juice — Island Dream CBD Vape Juice Review

We get a lot of submissions for vape juice reviews here and unless we taste something different, it’s rare that we step up to fully review individual vape flavors. However, our Hot Juice CBD vape juice review was warranted to investigate not simply the intensity of their flavors but the dosage of cannabidiol as well.

Bear in mind, there are scores of Hot Juice CBD vape juice products available on the internet, in dispensaries, holistic healing shops and even some local vape shops near you. However, you often find that they are made to be added to existing vape juice flavors and mixtures, leaving users unsure of exactly what dosage they’re receiving from every puff. In fact, it’s a significant reason that many users prefer to purchase pre-filled and single use CBD vape pens or ecigs, so that they know the precise milligram dosage every time they use it.

On the other hand, our Hot Juice CBD review was based on the notion that every cloud we pulled of this delicious craft eliquid packed exactly the amount printed on the label as measured by volume. To explain, one of the most impressive things about their CBD is how responsibly its created, ensuring that as each bottle has a specific measurement of cannabidiol blended in, that is the exact amount mixed into the bottle you receive. In addition, their flavor selection is broad enough to keep us both comfortable vaping regular doses as well as fulfilled by rich tastes of their incredibly popular vape juices.

A Vacation of Relaxing Fruit Flavor — Hot Juice Island Dream CBD Vape Juice Review

I enjoy my creamy fruit vape juice varieties as much as the next vaper, and I generally can’t taste much difference between them, and let me tell you I’ve vaped a lot of them. However, Hot Juice CBD truly defined their identity as one of the leading vape juice brands mostly by offering vape flavors with more intensity, poignancy and accuracy closer to the tastes they’re named after than any other we’ve tried. Combining that with 99% pure CBD isolate is just the icing on the cake (they don’t have a cake flavor, yet).

The delicious blend of tropical fruit with a lightly sweet and creamy finish was exactly the flavor I used initially to give up tobacco, mostly because I could vape it all day long without getting tired of it. Not just that, but the CBD dosage is so precise, we could actually tell when we were vaping a higher dose. There are plenty of critics of CBD vape juice out there who will tell you they can’t tell, that it doesn’t have any real effect that produces tangible results they can discuss. To them I say, you have not tried 5000mg, oh boy, a couple of puffs on the higher milligram cannabidiol eliquid and trust me, you will see the difference.

Bear in mind, those higher dosages aren’t for every user, and those experiencing the effects of CBD for the first time should start small and work their way up, just like anything related to vaping such as coil resistance, wattage, nicotine dosage etc. Until you’re clear on how CBD will affect you and whether even a small dose will produce the desired outcome, it’s best to start at a lower dosage and try to gauge whether it’s enough until you move up. That’s not to say you can’t start with 2000mg or 5000mg right out of the gate, just understand that it will effect everyone different and expected results aren’t as succinct or well-studied as nicotine vape juice.


  • Rich tropical fruit and whipped cream flavored CBD vape juice
  • Choice of five CBD strengths in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg and 5000mg
  • Offered in two VG/PG blends 70/30 or 30/70
  • Comes in standard 30ml dropper bottle
  • Made with 99% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate

Hot Juice Island Dream CBD Vape Juice Review Conclusion

Maybe it’s been on your mind for a while, or maybe you hadn’t considered trying CBD at all up to this point, but with all the latest news and reports about how its being studied and used by vapers all over the world, your curiosity has suddenly been peaked. If you’re ready to give CBD vape juice a review of your own, Hot Juice Island Dream CBD vape juice is quite possibly one of the best flavored vape juice varieties to start with. From their rich history in the vaping industry, there are few companies dedicating as much of their research and production to a crossover ejuice already infused with cannabiniol and this tropical fruit and cream dessert blend is a beautiful example of this.

Although we weren’t expecting much more than a simple vape juice with drops of CBD oil in it, we were pleasantly surprised for this Hot Juice Island Dream CBD vape juice review with every robust draw of fruity and mildly creamy-sweet CBD vapor. One thing to keep in mind is the fact that human bioavailability for cannabidiol is much higher through inhalation of vaporized mist than either sublingually (dropped under the tongue) or swallowed. For instance, when you are vaping 2000mg vape juice, you are receiving the highest possible dosage of that content your body is able to take into the bloodstream as well as taking effect 30 minutes to an hour faster than ingesting it orally.

If you typically go for traditional vape juice with fruity and sweet flavors, you’ll absolutely fall in love with this incredible blend of creamy tropical flavors. It’s the closest thing to taking a relaxing vacation to a sunny island and sipping a frosty cocktail that I can remember vaping ever. Treat yourself to a pampered getaway of beachside cabana and bring a good book. Once you have a taste of Hot Juice Island Dream CBD vape juice, you’re not going to want to come home again.


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