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At HoneyBolt, CBD is done differently; you can vape it, chew it, rub it or just swallow a few drops and you are good to go. There is something for your pet too. Intake of Honeybolt CBD will leave you feeling chill and relaxed, without affecting your cognitive abilities unlike THC, which most people mistake it for. It also leaves your brain in a better condition than it was before, without the risk of addiction. Importantly, CBD is non-psychoactive!

HoneyBolt Quality

HoneyBolt only uses organic and naturally grown industrial hemp, right in the USA. No pesticides are sprayed on the hemp plant during its growth nor after harvesting. All parts of the plant are utilized therefore extracting Full spectrum hemp oil for full effect. Despite being the whole plant being utilized every little bit of THC is eliminated and finally tested by a third party for quality and outstanding potency.

HoneyBolt Products

Full spectrum vaping pens

HoneyBolt vape pens offer the best and quickest means of delivering CBD in your system. This is because vaping allows CBD directly into the lungs from where it is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. The absorption rate is also at its peak, compared to ingesting other CBD products. It provides a bioavailability of about 60% where other edibles just go up to 20%.

For your on-the-go kit, take these amazing HoneyBolt Vaping pens with you to use as conveniently and discreetly as you would wish. With a few puffs, satisfaction is achieved and you are ready to face your next hurdle. They are also delicious.

Soft gels

These come in the form of capsules. These soft gels are available in strengths of 10mg and 25mg per capsule. They are tasteless hence easy to swallow without being put off by the ugly oil tastes common in others. For the gels endowed with Curcumin, you can experience a reduction in inflammation, while pain and aching is soothed. If having muscle problems, these soft gels will deliver great results.

Face masks

For the sensitive skin, these CBD-infused face masks work wonders. They come in 3-pack, 5-pack and 10-pack. They are good at regulating oil secretions by inhibiting growth of the cells producing them.

Source: https://timesofcbd.com/honeybolt/

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