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Raffy and Ryder
Raffy’s seizures are getting worse (Picture: Channel 5)

Raffy has recently had a severe seizure at school, and is embarrassed when Marilyn and Justin take her home. While Mason and John show up and are also concerned for her, she finds the amount of attention to be too much, especially as her epilepsy has already left her feeling so useless.

Mason and Justin talk about how best to tackle Raffy’s situation now she no longer has access to CBD oil, and Justin fears this is the start of more severe seizures for Raffy as her condition is clearly getting worse.

Raffy is left completely defeated, and Justin doesn’t know how to help. She plans to go out for a walk to clear her head, and is annoyed when her big brother immediately jumps in to keep her company.

Raffy in the Surf Club
Raffy has felt defeated without CBD oil (Picture: Channel 5)

Later, she’s upset when she discovers the university cause requires a higher score than she’s likely to get in her HSC. Justin tells her that she could still get the grades, but Raffy soon shoots him down.



Her situation begins to look brighter when Alex shows up and tells her that a new medical trial is available – but it’s in Victoria. An ecstatic Raffy is soon angry when Justin tries to shut the plan down. Justin is left to apologise to Alex.

Later on, Alex shows up with the paperwork for the Melbourne trial. Justin tells Raffy that he’s talked to Brody, who is currently living in the area, and if Raffy gets in, she can move in with him. Is Raffy about to leave the Bay?

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