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Mike Hodge believes he has a product that can work miracles. Hodge, owner of Chuck’s Package Store, has recently gone into not just selling alcohol. He now sells CBD oils.

What are CBD oils?

“They are hemp oils, of course,” he said.

The oils are made from hemp, which is part of the cannabis family. The other well known plant in the cannabis family is marijuana. But they are very different in the effects.

The CBD products only carry about .03 percent THC, which is the drug in marijuana that gets users high. But the CBD oils have high medicinal qualities when used, Hodge said.

Hodge himself uses it.

“I use it every day,” he said. “That’s why I started selling it in the first place.”

There are claims that CBD oil can help with pain and can help anything from autism to stress to help sleeping at night.

Hodge buys his product locally from SNCE Laboratory in Jefferson City. He said the hemp is grown locally in Kentucky and East Tennessee.

So far, it has been a success.

“It sells like crazy,” Hodge said. “We’ve got it priced right.”

He said they sell 600 milligram bottles for $29.99. A bottle of the same product in Gatlinburg could cost almost three times as much, Hodge said.

“I’ve got constant repeat business,” he said. “Anyone who uses it after a few days, will not stop because it relieves pain so well.”

The stores sells a variety of CBD. Besides oils, he also sells Green Roads edibles and also honey sticks and capsules.

He said some people have came into the store and bought the product for their children because it is safe to use.

“I had one person buy because their child was having seizures and it stopped the seizures,” he said.

Hodge said he believes in the product he is selling and has seen the effects it has had on people from better rest to less pain.

“It’s truly an amazing product,” he said.

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