Hingham Centre Pharmacy, affiliates first in state to offer pure CBD products

When voters in Massachusetts approved legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in 2012, it was anticipated that the vote would cause change to happen before the next election cycle. Six years later, the burgeoning industry is still in the weeds.

The passage of the ballot question showed that the majority in this state are open to another form of alternative medicine that many had been aware of and used for years.

Now, South Shore residents will be the first in Massachusetts to see for themselves how the chemicals in marijuana and its cousin, hemp, can help ease muscle and joint pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, neurological issues and other complaints.

Rocky and Jane Tenaglia, owners of Hingham Centre Pharmacy, Nantasket Pharmacy, and Scituate Pharmacy, have announced that they will offer a line of medical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) products in their stores. The products range from soft gel caps, hemp oils, sleep aids to pain cream. All products are all-natural and THC free.

The products are formulated by PharmaCanna, an independent pharmacist-owned manufacturer in Palm Beach, Florida. As professional pharmacists, they follow standard pharmaceutical processes to ensure quality in their hemp-derived products. The product is sold in independent pharmacies and to other medical professionals in 22 states.

Jane Tenaglia said she discovered PharmaCanna and their products unexpectedly while studying to become a Certified Aromatherapist. A Registered Pharmacist and Manager of the Scituate Pharmacy, she has just earned her certification from the Institute of Holistic Phyto-Aromatherapy. As part of her coursework, she had to prepare essential oil blends with various therapeutic properties (immune building, pain, inflammation, calming, sleep) for individuals. One of the oils she started to use with some success was CBD oil.

That experience led Tenaglia to look for CBD for internal use that was effective, safe, and consistent in quality batch to batch. She has been very pleased with the quality, testing, and support from PharmaCanna.

Along with the aromatherapy practice she has started, Jane Tenaglia said the CBD product is not “a cure-all, but it’s a great addition to standard drugs”. With the ever-increasing opioid crisis, “sometimes people would like a natural alternative.”

Although the three South Shore pharmacies are the first in Massachusetts, Jane Tenaglia said she hopes this is just the beginning. Independent pharmacists have the freedom and desire to help their customers in many different ways that the large chains can’t. Alternative treatments are just one of the personalized services you may find in the local drug store.

Jane Tenaglia and the pharmacists in all three stores welcome any questions about the new PharmaCanna line or any of their many products. Hingham Centre Pharmacy is located at 294 Main St. in Hingham Center. (781-749-1277) To reach Jane Tenaglia directly, call the Scituate Pharmacy at 781-545-1020.

Source: http://hingham.wickedlocal.com/news/20180913/hingham-centre-pharmacy-affiliates-first-in-state-to-offer-pure-cbd-products

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