Here’s where you can eat and drink your CBD. (No, it won’t get you high.)

Photo by Alex Cason
Ginger Anderson drinks CBD kombucha from Lenny Boy almost every time she visits. “Just knowing all of the health benefits of kombucha and CBD and putting it in one glass is great,” she said.

CBD coffee, CBD smoothies and CBD kombucha. CBD pastries and CBD vegan desserts.

As CBD is starting to sneak its way into our everyday lives as the cure-all ingredient we all needed, it is beginning to stake its claim in the Charlotte restaurant scene.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is derived from the marijuana plant, and it is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high. Hundreds of North Carolina farmers are taking part in the state’s industrial hemp pilot program, which lends well to locally sourced CBD being offered at several Charlotte retailers.

CBD is known to help anxiety, offer pain relief and help with sleep. It can fight cancer, lessen inflammation and help diabetes sufferers. It’s been known to reduce seizures and help with focus.

With such a strong resume, it’s no wonder vendors all over town are finding ways to feature it in food and drink. Here are a few spots around town that are offering a way to creatively ingest CBD:

Photo by Alex Cason
15th Street Market sells CBD coffee.

Offers: CBD coffee

15th Street Market owner Adam Cozzolino said he knew CBD coffee was going to be on the Optimist Park hangout spot’s menu from day one. Why mix CBD with caffeine? “CBD coffee is great for anyone who gets a little jittery from caffeine but still wants to get the focus benefits of coffee without the jitters,” he said.

He’s gotten nothing but positive feedback so far, he said. “One guest came in with a migraine she had all day and she drank a cup and it went away.”

Photo by Alex Cason
Lenny Boy’s CBD kombucha, Happy Camper

Offers: CBD kombucha

Lenny Boy was so excited to release Happy Camper, their CBD-infused kombucha, with Asheville-based Blue Ridge Hemp Co., that they made an entertaining and informative video that explains the process of infusing CBD and kombucha.

The flavor currently on tap is Turmeric, Lemon and CBD. Customer Ginger Anderson said she likes drinking Happy Camper when she’s cutting down on booze. “I go through two-week binges where I don’t want to drink so I can still come hang out,” she said. “People still think you’re drinking a beer next to them.”

Happy Camper Kombucha is offered by the pint, crowler, 32-oz growler or 64-oz growler.

Offers: CBD dessert

Living Kitchen has paired up with Blue Ridge Hemp Co. for CBD cookie bites. The Charlotte restaurant will have a limited supply — they are also available online (but currently sold out.)

Photo by Alex Cason
Mitty’s Cafe sells CBD coffee, including whole bean.


  • CBD coffee
  • CBD coffee beans
  • CBD iced coffee
  • CBD water
  • CBD smoothies
  • CBD tea
  • CBD cheese (coming soon)
  • CBD pastries (coming soon)

Charlotte resident Amoura Carter stopped into the CBD cafe inside of Vigor’s massage center last week to buy two iced coffees — one for herself and one for her boyfriend. “I like the coffee because you can get the boost without the jitters and still feel relaxed,” she said.

Mitty’s also offers CBD tea from companies including Keep it Hemple, CBD iced coffee, CBD coffee beans and CBD water. CBD cheese is even making an appearance in a few weeks, according to owner Mitchell Cook.

CBD pastries are also coming soon, including gluten-free pumpkin bread, paleo monkey bread and vegan banana black walnut bread. Lady Bug Medibles owner Kendra Jeffress has traditionally prepared CBD pastries for chemotherapy or hospice patients with specific diet and health restrictions. By offering pastries at Mitty’s, she will be able to share the health benefits with a larger audience. “CBD hemp encourages the endocannabinoid system,” she said. “Ingesting that helps to encourage the system faster and at a higher rate.”

“It’s eating for health,” Jeffress said.

Photo by Alex Cason
Make any smoothie a CBD smoothie at Smooth Monkey.

Offers: CBD smoothies

Smooth Money keeps it simple — any smoothie can be a CBD smoothie. Just ask for CBD oil as an add-on for $2. With all the fresh ingredients on their menu, the potential combinations of health benefits are endless.


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