Hemp vs. Cannabis: What’s a Better Basis for Cannabidiol Oil?

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What is cannabidiol oil? Is there a difference hemp vs cannabis? If you’re not familiar with this lingo, you’re curious and want to learn more, read on. We’ll explain everything you need to know about hemp, cannabis, and the marijuana family of plants.

What is Hemp?

Confused about what exactly hemp is or how it differs from the rest of the marijuana family of plants? Never fear! Many people don’t realize there’s a difference between hemp and cannabis at all.

When it comes to CBD oil, there is one type of plant that is the more obvious choice. Read on to see if you can figure out which plant it is.

How is Hemp Different From Cannabis?

Hemp Vs Cannabis for Cannabidiol Oil Infographic
Hemp Vs Cannabis for Cannabidiol Oil Infographic – Click to enlarge

There are two main ways that hemp differs from traditional forms of cannabis. Though they are two different species of the same plant, they have very different effects and therefore people use them for very different purposes. One is much better for use in medicinal CBD oil, as you’ll see, while the other is much more suited for recreational use.

They also have some things in common. For example, the scientific name of each of them is Cannabis sativa L., which most people refer to as marijuana. This is more accurate when it comes to cannabis than when it comes to hemp, though, as hemp is really a different plant entirely.

So while they are both in the marijuana family, they have some key differences that separate them. In addition, growers tend to cultivate them in different ways in order to produce these differing properties.

However, hemp and cannabis still differ greatly from each other. In this section, we’ll discuss two main things that set hemp and cannabis apart.

For one, hemp and cannabis look different. You can probably tell them apart visually, in fact. Cannabis is a more busy and short plant, while hemp looks more like bamboo and is tall and more skinny.

In addition, hemp usually shows up in a brighter green color while cannabis is a darker color and has more wide and rough leaves. Hemp, on the other hand, is recognizable for its skinny long leaves with smoother edges.

Because they do have slight differences in appearance, many people are able to tell hemp and cannabis apart just by looking at them.

However, there is another major difference between hemp and cannabis that people should know about. That’s what it is most used for.

When it comes to cannabis or marijuana, people are usually after one thing: getting high. Of course, they want to experience the healthful effects that the plant provides as well, but the side effect provided by THC is important to them.

Because of this, people around the world turn to cannabis for the medicinal and recreational side effects it provides. Supposedly, marijuana or cannabis is able to help out with a huge variety of symptoms and conditions. For example, people turn to cannabis for everything from a relaxing chill sesh with friends to relief from chronic conditions like epilepsy, cancer treatments, arthritis, and more.

Hemp, on the other hand, will not get you high. Therefore, it’s useless for recreational purposes.

Instead, people use hemp for more industrial efforts like animal feed, rope, clothing, food, medicine, skin care products, and more! People even make clothing, jewelry, paper, and more items out of hemp. It offers some great benefits, but getting high isn’t one of them. You can find hemp in almost any type of product these days, from moisturizing lotion to granola at the grocery store.

Where you won’t find it, though, is in the hands of people down for a smoke sesh to chill out and get high. Hemp won’t help with that!

Hemp is Best for CBD with Low THC Levels

CBD Oil formula
CBD or Cannabidiol – Main ingredient of Cannabidiol Oil

Now that you understand a bit of the difference between hemp and CBD, which do you think is likely to be the better choice to serve as a basis for CBD oil?

If you guessed hemp, you’re correct!

Unless people want a full spectrum CBD oil that could get them high as well, hemp is the better choice for CBD oils. That’s because there’s no need to worry about a psycho active effect or a side effect of getting high. Hemp naturally contains very low levels of THC, if any at all, and that’s what makes it a great source for many CBD oils.

In fact, growers specifically cultivate their crops of hemp plants so that they mostly breed THC compounds out of the plant. Their concentration for these plants is more industrial and practical, not to serve as a medicine or drug that people can use for recreational purposes.

For that reason, growers breed hemp plants to serve as the perfect substitute. They contain all the wonderful things and benefits of other marijuana strains, but come with none of the psycho active side effects. This makes this safe, legal, and approachable for a much wider audience of potential consumers.

Creating CBD oil out of hemp plants is a great way to experience the benefits of marijuana without having to worry about legality, dosage, safety, and other factors as much as you would if you were using products from full blown cannabis.

The hemp plant already contains a very low level of THC, so growers do not need to worry about breeding it out of their strains. Hemp naturally produces CBD oil that contains little to no THC but is still high in content for all of the other good stuff that marijuana contains.

Other Uses of Hemp

Bottle of CBD oil and hemp leafs on a wooden table Buy CBD Oil. CBD Oil derived from Hemp, a member of marijuana family of plants.
Cannabidiol oil extracted from hemp, a member of marijuana family of plants.

As we mentioned before, there are countless uses for hemp outside of the traditional marijuana industry. You would be surprised by all the things you can do with hemp.

Curious about what some of these uses are?

According to Leafly,

“Hemp can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products. Its seeds and flowers are used in health foods, organic body care, and other nutraceuticals. The fibers and stalks are used in hemp clothing, construction materials, paper, biofuel, plastic composites, and more.

Hemp requires much less water to grow — and no pesticides — so it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional crops.”

In other words, growers and farmers use hemp for a wide variety of uses outside of human consumption. There are many ways that people can use hemp that have nothing to do with getting high or even medicinal purposes.

Because hemp is great for so many things outside of the cannabis stereotype, it is a hugely popular crop that often turns out to be very lucrative.

What is Cannabis? Is it also a member of the marijuana family of plants?

Now that you fully understand what hemp is, do you still have questions about the cannabis plant?

If you still would like to learn more about what cannabis is, read on. In this section, we’ll take a look at cannabis in further detail and discuss how you may be able to benefit from this plant.

While you can produce CBD oil from cannabis, this is not the top choice for most growers or producers. Instead, people turn to cannabis for more recreational uses and products that are considered full spectrum.

Cannabis Has a Higher THC Content

Full Spectrum CBD Oil 5000mg
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Cannabis plants — the kind we use for its recreational benefits — are specifically geared toward people who want to benefit from the most potent THC levels possible. Usually, users of cannabis want to get high in addition to benefitting from the healthy properties of the marijuana plant.

In other words, growers of cannabis are not prioritizing CBD levels in their plants because this is not what their customers want. CBD is a cannabinoid in the marijuana family of plants just like THC is, but this cannabinoid will not get you high or affect your mental state in any way.

In addition, it’s important to note that the cannabis plants of today are stronger than ever. In the past, cannabis plants usually featured a 10% THC level on average. Today, however, it’s not uncommon to see THC potency levels of 30% or higher.

So, this means that marijuana growers are prioritizing THC while downplaying CBD levels.

This makes sense for their consumers, who want a powerful psychedelic plant experience but are less focused on what CBD may be able to offer them. This means that plants that are higher in THC tend to be lower in CBD, and vice versa.

That’s also why some CBD products breach the territory into the illegal in some states. If you’re getting a CBD product that comes from the cannabis plant rather than the hemp plant and therefore has some traces of THC in it, this is what makes it against the law in places where marijuana is still outlawed.

This is where some confusion can creep in. If people do not fully understand that THC is the element that makes marijuana illegal in most cases, then they may see a CBD product for sale (that contains THC) and assume that all CBD products are against the law.

This is not the case. As long as you buy from a retailer offering CBD products that contain no THC, then your CBD purchase should be legal in most of the United States. It’s not CBD or hemp plants that are against the law or categorized as drugs; it’s the cannabis side of the marijuana family of plants.

Be careful with this distinction but also understand that more than likely, you are free to benefit from all the wonderful uses of the CBD plant.

Cannabidiol Oil

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What is cannabidiol oil? If you’re not familiar with this lingo, chances are you are familiar with it in a shorter form. Cannabidiol is just the official name for CBD, which is the popular abbreviation that most people know about.

CBD oil is just the extract of the cannabinoid cannabidiol.

Cannabidiol is just one of many cannabinoid compounds found in the marijuana family of plants. It offers quite a few health benefits but does not present the psycho active effect that THC does. THC is another compound in cannabis. While it is also a cannabinoid, it has different properties than other cannabinoids in the plant.

So, in short, cannabidiol oil is just the long version of the name for CBD oil. CBD oil is a powerful and potent extract of the cannabis family of plants and it will not get you high. People in the modern age are turning to CBD oil for a wide range of symptom relief efforts.

Hemp is Best for CBD Oil

In short, hemp is the better choice for CBD oil in most cases. The majority of people turn to CBD for pain relief and other conditions, not to get high. CBD is not meant to be used recreationally and wouldn’t do much for people who want to use it that way.

Because of this, there’s really no reason to source CBD from cannabis plants, which growers usually use to produce other forms of marijuana and marijuana products. Instead, sourcing CBD oil from hemp plants allows manufacturers to use the plant in an efficient and helpful way.

Using hemp for CBD oil helps ensure you get everything you need and nothing you don’t. Many people agree that hemp makes a better base for CBD oil because it offers a naturally THC free substance and produces an oil that’s packed with a powerful CBD punch.

Using CBD rich hemp to create an oil elixir may just be the answer to a whole lot of your health problems and concerns. If you have any questions about hemp, cannabis, or CBD oil, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We are here to help.


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