Hemp-Based Products Are The New Home Necessity

Designed by Briana Gagnier.

If you haven’t yet noticed, hemp and cannabis are gradually making their way into countless everyday products. In the past,¬†these ingredients have been boxed into a stereotype of being, well, for weed-smokers only. And while we’ve been trying to rebrand CBD and hemp in California for years, mainstream media and production is finally catching on.

The plant is now being modernized and utilized in countless ways, from being a major ingredient in beauty products to revolutionizing home goods. Being a natural element, hemp is actually a sustainable alternative to plastic, too. So, when we heard about SVN Space, a platform dedicated to featuring the latest hemp and CBD products with stunning content and well-studied articles, we had to learn more. 

Co-founded by marketing guru Megan Villa, SVN Space is lending itself to redefining the use cases for hemp and CBD, one feature at a time. Together, the team is setting out to introduce their audience to innovative products, from the beauty to home arenas, that are being improved by talented makers and companies that understand the power of hemp. Interested in her favorite hemp-based home necessities (duh), we connected with Villa to find out her favorites. Here’s what the creative director picked out for us.¬†

1. Jungmaven 100% Hemp Bedding

“I am obsessed with anything linen, especially my sheets, and these sheets are next level.¬† Super soft and antibacterial, these sheets keep me nice and cool in the summer. They’re also really durable and long¬†lasting ‚ÄĒ like linen but even better!”¬†

Jungmaven 100% Hemp Sheets And Sets, $50, Jungmaven. 

Hemp-Based Products Are The New Home Necessity

Courtesy of Jungmaven.

2. Virginia Sin Hemp/Cotton Beach Towel

“I love that these hemp-cotton towels are naturally dyed and made locally in North Carolina.”¬†

Sin Indigo Weft Beach Towel, $228, Sin. 

Hemp-Based Products Are The New Home Necessity

Courtesy of Sin.

3. Tanu Art Hemp rug

“These¬†beautiful hemp rugs are hand-woven in New Mexico. I love seeing locally handmade beautiful pieces like this and want one for my home.”¬†

Tanu Hemp Rug, Price Upon Request, Tanu. 

4. Hemp String Market bag

“These are perfect for the farmers market. You can fit a ton of fruits and veggies in these bags, and they are super durable. They also make a great beach bag, as all the sand just falls through the holes.”¬†

Dharma Door Jumbo Charcoal Hemp String Bag, $56, Dharma Door. 

5. Kannai Lavender/Chamomile CBD Massage candle

“I love the unique concept of these candles. You melt them and massage with the hot CBD wax to help with pain and even anxiety. Plus, they smell divine!”¬†

Kannai Relax CBD Massage Candle, $43.50, Kannai. 

6. Ma Wovens Hemp Yoga Mat

“Since so many yoga mats are made with toxic rubber, it is refreshing to see a more eco-friendly take, made with non-toxic rubber and hemp.”

Ma Wovens The Ritual Rug, Price Upon Request, Ma Wovens. 

7. Espanyolet Hand-Painted Hemp Blankets

“I have been obsessed with these guys for a while.¬† This couple lives in Mallorca and they create these beautiful hand painted vintage, linen, and hemp home goods, including pillows and blankets.”¬†

Espanyolet Medium Vintage Hemp Blanket, $465, Espanyolet. 

Hemp-Based Products Are The New Home Necessity

Courtesy of Espanyolet.

8. Decorative Hemp Basket

“I love how multi-functional this hemp basket can be. You can put your favorite fig tree in it or throw a bunch of beach towels in it, too!”¬†

SVN Space Decorative Hemp Basket, $100, SVN Space. 

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