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Our team is extremely excited to expand our product offerings and partner with such diverse brands.

Healthy Hemp Oil, an online provider of CBD hemp oil products, announces the launch of four new brands. On March 1, Healthy Hemp Oil started selling CBD products from Weller, Purfurred, Abinoid Botanicals, and Colorado Hemp Honey.

Healthy Hemp Oil partnered with Purfurred’s team for its specialty in natural CBD products formulated for pets. Purfurred uses full-spectrum hemp oil and organic ingredients studied specifically for their safety and effects on cats and dogs.

Healthy Hemp Oil handpicked Abinoid Botanicals for its CBD-rich skincare products. Abinoid Botanicals formulates skin care products that combine full-spectrum hemp oil with organically sourced herbs shown to work synergistically with CBD oil. The product line includes facial cleansers, toners, moisturizers, and muscle salves.

Colorado Hemp Honey shares Healthy Hemp Oil’s focus on community and organic ingredients. The company works with its own apiaries in the Rocky Mountains for locally sourced, organic, raw honey. The honey is infused with full-spectrum hemp extract taken from locally grown and processed hemp plants.

“Our team is extremely excited to expand our product offerings and partner with such diverse brands,” says Brandon Nolte, founder and CEO of Healthy Hemp Oil. “Each brand brings something new to the table with a collective focus on high-quality ingredients, third-party lab testing, and sustainable, responsible farming. We’re particularly excited about Weller, a brand that specializes in coconut bites made with full-spectrum hemp extract, but its main idea of providing health and happiness through good snacking is one we can get behind.”

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