Health center combining self-care with CBD now offering medical marijuana recommendations – KTUL

Health center combining self-care with CBD now offering medical marijuana recommendations (KTUL)

TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — From the outside it looks like a store selling CBD products, but once inside, Dana McMurchy is offering much more. McMurchy is the owner of the Harvard Health Center located near 51st and Harvard.

“I called it a ‘health center’ with the idea we would bring in all sorts of healing modalities,” she said.

McMurchy teaches yoga at several places around town and has extensive training in the medical field. She uses her training for people in pain at the health center.

Her specialties are in back pain and scoliosis, helping people like Greta Rhart.

“It really helps,” said Rhart.

McMurchy’s belief is to treat the person as a whole and naturally.

“It’s help on a nutritional, supplemental level that will help you get better,” said McMurchy.

Going even further, she hired Marta Riggin, a registered nurse and massage therapist who uses CBD and energy techniques in her sessions.

“The CBD oil is their initial draw to come in, but when they find me here, they say, ‘Oo lala, someone who can integrate all of these different trainings into one.’”

Now, their facility is offering another opportunity. On Monday, they are bringing in a doctor to give medical marijuana recommendations to those in pain.

“It makes sense to me,” said McMurchy. “If you have severe pain, you’re going to need the full on medical marijuana. Our doctor is willing to talk to patients and find out if this is the right solution for them.”

She said this way people can take advantage of their own healthcare.

“By combing the power of the cannabis plant, with CBD and with understanding of your particular situation, we can give you tools that you can take out to help yourself go about your day and go through the rest of your life,” said McMurchy.

All spaces are already full for Monday’s doctor appointments, but you can put your name on a wait list. You must go to the center to put your name on the list.

McMurchy plans to have the opportunity again soon.

She urges people to stop by their store if they are interested in any other service.


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