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Mineral Health CBD Oils
The deep, dark secret of both the supplement and CBD-infused health industries is that no one’s actually checking to make sure the products are following through on their very medical-sounding promises and ingredients. But Mineral Health, which utilizes the entirety of the hemp plant (stalks, stems, and buds) to maximize omega fatty acids and vitamins in their extraction process, has been using third-party verification since GQ’s wellness columnist, Joe Holder, discovered the brand back in 2016. He uses Mineral Health formulas for sleep, recovery, and pain management. “While training for the Chicago Marathon this year I’d take the sleep supplement, or I’d mix magnesium with some tart cherry juice, which is a natural melatonin source,” he says. “It would help me sleep better. And, generally, it helps keep me a little calmer.” And this fall Mineral released its first CBD-infused body oil, Sousa, which, like all its formulas, contains small enough traces of THC to be allowable in the States. It won’t get you high, but it’ll make you feel good.
â–¸ Mineral Health Balance Hemp Oil, $130,
â–¸ Mineral Health Sousa Body Treatment Oil, $70,

Whoop 3.0
The third iteration of this pro-grade fitness strap still does what it’s always done: measure your heart rate consistently all day, delivering advanced analytics on your workouts and day-to-day health via its app. (Shout-out to the Strain Coach function for flagging potentially bad form.) But where the Whoop 3.0 will really help you level up in 2020 is…in bed. At this point we all understand that sleep is central to, well, everything: mental health, fitness, happiness, and making smart choices. The Whoop’s sleep coach lets you set daily goals—whether you want to get by one day or fully peak the next—and the system will let you know how much sleep you should get and when you should go to bed, and then measure how well you actually slept. If a garbage truck ruined your rest before sun-up, the Whoop 3.0 will adjust your workouts accordingly, knowing that maybe your body’s better suited to, say, a 10-minute recovery stretch session than a 10-mile run. â–¸ $30 monthly membership,


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