GPB News Round-Up – Thursday, May 16, 2019 – GPB

Gov. Brian Kemp on Friday signed a bill into law that allows Georgia farmers to grow hemp. The crop is the source of products ranging from rope to soap to CBD oil.

Kemp had already signed a separate bill that allows medical marijuana, a stronger derivative, to be grown with some limitations in the state. With these developments, medical marijuana and hemp will soon crop up on Georgia farms. At the same time, CBD oil is a suddenly ubiquitous trend, showing up even on Atlanta menus.

Allen Peake is a former Georgia State Representative who pioneered much of the legislation regarding hemp and CBD. He joined On Second Thought from GPB’s studio in Macon to talk about the development of the legal and medical uses of marijuana derivatives in the state. Lia Picard, a journalist who recently wrote about the growing social trends of CBD oil for Atlanta Magazine, also joined the conversation.

Listen to their discussion here.


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