Get Cannabis Oil Products At New Douglas County Store

DOUGLASVILLE, GA – The CBD Store of Douglasville sells hemp products including oils, pain creams and even products for animals. They are located at 7475 Douglas Boulevard in Douglasville.

According to CBD Store owner, Angie Brewer, CBD Store is committed to helping people get relief from stress, pain, and anxiety. The CBD Store of Douglasville is the first and only store dedicated to selling Cannabidiol, or CBD, oil products in the area. Cannabis has been helping people in the wake of the opioid crisis. This a natural supplement to get the body in balance, reducing inflammation, helping you sleep at night and get you feeling better. It is their goal to provide an elite CBD product that utilizes natural plant synergies, all while helping consumers become more informed about the products to help continue to grow the business.

Chamber President and CEO, Sara Ray, congratulated Angie, “We are thrilled you chose to locate your business in Douglas County and we look forward to supporting and promoting The CBD Store for many years to come!”

For more information, contact the store at 404.547.8285. Follow them on Facebook at Your CBD Store Douglasville.

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Photo courtesy Douglas County Chamber

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