Georgia medical marijuana bill passes House, headed to Senate –

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MACON, Ga. — The Georgia House approved a bill Tuesday that would allow medical marijuana oil to be produced, manufactured and dispensed in the state of Georgia.

The law would allow the oil to be sold to registered patients and give them a legal way to obtain a drug that’s already legal to use. More than 8,400 people are prescribed to use it.

Clint Wilder, owner of Your CBD in Macon, explains that this not only helps consumers of the drug , but Georgia’s growing agriculture industry.

“Consider the hemp plant an orange, what we’re using is just a little bit of the rine,” Wilder said. “And if you’re a farmer and we’re able to grow this in the state of Georgia, you can sell the rest of the rine — the juice, the peel, the rine’s seeds and the whole plant. So I think personally, being a Georgia Master Gardner as a farmer, I’d want more crop options.”

Wilder feels if the bill is put into law, it would allow that additional crop option.

Forsyth woman Janea Cox travels to Colorado every 2-3 months to buy medical marijuana for her daughter Haleigh.

“She has prolonged seizures that actually make her stop breathing, but with the THC oil, I could put a drop of THC oil on her gums and it would stop the seizures,” she says.

She goes through extreme measures to get the drug.

“We’re all breaking federal law to get medicine to keep our kids alive and are helping patients find relief,” Cox says.

The farm bill made it legal to sell CBD oil in all 50 states. It also legalized the use of hemp-based products that have less than point 3 percent of THC.

“The government came up with an arbitrary number .3 percent or less and I like to say it’s like the .08 DUI limit,” Wilder says. “It’s a number and so any hemp plant that’s under that, THC content is legal. If it’s over that THC content, then it’s a Schedule 1 drug that’s not legal.”

If passed, House Bill 324 would legalize a higher dose — but Cox says similar bills in the past had trouble in the senate.

“We normally pas the house pretty easily,” she said. “It’s the senate that we get bogged down in.”


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