Five Reasons CBD Didn’t Work For You When You Tried It

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CBD Didn’t Work for Me! Why? Did you give CBD a try and find that it did not seem to work for you? Are you still taking your CBD on a regular basis but not really noticing a difference? Why on earth would something with such bold claims end up not working for you? You may feel disappointed and in despair.

However, if this is the case for you, don’t fret. In this article, we’ll explain a few of the possible reasons that CBD might not be working for you.

That’s right — there may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for your CBD issues. It may not be that CBD simply doesn’t work for you. There may be a whole list of other potential explanations.

Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s the CBD. Or maybe there’s a quick and easy fix to solve your CBD crisis in a simple way!

Curious and want to learn some of the potential reasons that CBD didn’t work for you when you gave it a try? Read on! In this article, we’ll give you five of the most common reasons that you may not have experienced the benefits that you expected to when you gave CBD a try.

1. False Advertising

The unfortunate truth when it comes to any major trend in life or medicine is that when one place releases a great solution to help with a variety of symptoms, other outlets are likely to copy it. And they may not do a good job or hold themselves to very high standards.

In the CBD world, sometimes customers are misled by false advertising. This is unfortunate, especially as it can give the entire industry a bad name. If someone tries CBD and feels no effect from it because what they’ve really purchased is a knock off brand with false advertising on the label, then all of the CBD world is clouded for them.

That’s the unfortunate truth here: there are some CBD companies out there who are not truly selling what they claim to be selling on the bottle or website.

Why is this? How can companies get away with this? One of the main reasons is the fact that the Food and Drug Administration has not yet given their seal of approval to CBD. Because of this, the world of CBD is not closely regulated like other medicines and substances are.

And so the CBD world finds itself sometimes facing a company that does not maintain honesty with their branding and packaging. There is no external body holding them accountable and making sure that they are truly offering customers what they say they are.

One way you can largely avoid this kind of situation is to only buy from CBD retailers who provide third party lab results on all of their products. CBD companies like ours send their products out for scientific laboratory testing and then provide the results in a public way for their customers.

In other words, you shouldn’t just take any company at their word. You should do some additional background research to ensure that their products really are backed up by scientific proof and evidence that they contain what they claim to.

Sending out their products to be tested by a lab with no stake in the results helps assure quality, safety, and integrity. You should not buy from any CBD retailer that does not provide this.

There’s no sense in doling out your hard earned money on something that is not going to work because it is not actually what it seems to be.

Buying a CBD product that is not what it claims to be due to false advertising is a major reason that it may not be working for you. If it doesn’t really contain CBD, or at least not as much as it’s supposed to, then of course it’s not going to work as it should!

2. Improper Dosage

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Another reason that people do not experience the benefits they want to from CBD is the fact that they are not taking a proper dose. Improper dosing is a very common problem in the world of CBD. Luckily, it also has an easy fix!

Did you know that CBD affects everyone differently? This is why it can be hard to provide a one size fits all dosage recommendation. CBD may affect you differently depending on your age, weight, lifestyle, health history, medical conditions, and even if you are a man or a woman. That’s right — CBD even affects males and females differently!

Because of this, the best thing you can do is to start out with a low dose and then work your way up from there. You shouldn’t take too much when you first start out because then you may build up a tolerance to the CBD.

By taking too much at once, you may force your body to have to take that much every time. That’s called building a tolerance, and it may lead you to believe that CBD just isn’t working for you. In reality, you just weren’t taking enough because your body was too used to it.

Another issue that can occur is that you’re not taking enough. By taking too little CBD — especially if there are other factors at play, like your age, gender, or weight — you are likely to not experience any effect from it. This is the same as when you eat too little food or take too little Advil. If you don’t supply your body with as much as it needs, then of course it’s not going to be adequate!

By taking too little or not enough CBD, the dosage may not be strong enough to make a difference. That’s why it’s important for each person to figure out a dosage amount that works for them.

The best way to start with CBD is to take a small amount at first, and then up the dose every two to three hours or so if needed. If you still are not feeling the effects or pain relief properties of CBD after your first dose, you can simply keep taking more until you feel that you’ve arrived at a comfortable place in your CBD dosage amount. Every few hours, just add a bit more CBD on and eventually you should start to figure out the right dosaging amount for your needs.

The good news is that with CBD, there’s no risk of overdose and no harmful side effects of taking “too much” CBD. Unlike most other medicines and pain killers, you do not put yourself in harm’s way by upping your dosage as you need it.

3. Didn’t Give It Enough Time

Not giving enough time to really try out the CBD regimen is another common reason that people claim that CBD didn’t work for them.

Some people take CBD and expect to see drastic results immediately. While it may work this way for some people, this is not the case for most. Instead, you’ve got to give CBD a little bit of time to acclimate to your system and do its work on your body.

If you give up after trying CBD for just a week or two, it’s probably not that CBD isn’t working for you — it’s probably just that you didn’t give it enough time. For some people, CBD can take a while to integrate with your system and really start making noticeable changes within your body.

CBD begins to act as a neuro protectant, which means it interacts with the neurons and cannabinoids already in your body as a result of the endo cannabinoid system, and protects your brain over time. If you have not allotted a sufficient trial period for CBD’s magic, then don’t be surprised if you feel it hasn’t worked for you.

Give your CBD regimen a few weeks to a few months before you make any decisions about how CBD has worked out for you. It may just need some time to really start nourishing your body and making a noticeable difference.

4. Misguided Expectations

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Another common reason that people were disappointed by their use of CBD is that they had improper or misguided expectations. If you go into a CBD trial expecting things that CBD is not going to deliver to you, then it’s no wonder when you come out of it disappointed that CBD didn’t seem to work for you.

For example, some people think that because CBD comes from the marijuana family of plants, that means it’s automatically going to get them high. Then they may feel that CBD didn’t work for them when it does not turn out to have this effect.

This is not the case when it comes to CBD. Most forms of CBD do not contain THC, or the compound in cannabis that is responsible for its psycho active effect. Because of this, it will not get you high or cause that form of psycho activity.

So, if you went into your CBD experiment hoping you’d feel high, experience a dramatic change in mood or mindset, or something along those lines, then of course you’re going to find that CBD doesn’t “work” for you. But maybe it’s not that CBD didn’t work for you — it’s just that you were looking for the wrong effects.

You should be knowledgeable about what CBD can and cannot do for you before you try it for yourself. Approaching CBD with honest, realistic expectations is an important way to get the most you can out of this wonderful substance.

5. Medical Reasons

Lastly, there’s another potential reason that CBD didn’t do its job for you. Maybe there is another medical condition or situation at play that you don’t even know about.

In other words, perhaps there is something more going on in your body than you realize. In cases like this, it’s important to see a doctor or health care professional as soon as possible.

For example, let’s say you are taking CBD because you suffer from epilepsy and you’ve heard that CBD can help to reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. For many people, CBD has done just that. So when you decide to give CBD a go for yourself, you feel certain that you will see a change in your seizure symptoms as a result of your new found use of CBD.

In a case like this, if CBD seemed to make no change at all, there may be something else going on. If you suffer from seizures, are you sure you have epilepsy? With any medical condition, if you did not receive an official diagnosis from a licensed doctor, you should not just assume or guess that you have a disease or condition.

Especially with conditions like epilepsy, you need to make sure you receive care from a doctor before you assume anything. If you have not received an official diagnosis from a licensed health care professional, then you don’t truly know what else may be at stake.

In short, if you have tried CBD to find relief from a specific medical condition but have not experienced the benefits you should be, then you need to take another look at your health. Stop and reconsider what the situation may be. And make sure to make an appointment with your doctor to check on your overall health and make sure you don’t have some sort of underlying illness going on.

It’s important to stay on top of your health and be well informed about your body. To do so, you should consult with your doctor on a regular basis and check with him or her if you don’t seem to be recovering or experiencing life as you should.


Disclaimer: The Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act requires this disclaimer. We collected this information from various sources for the convenience of our customers. The statements made regarding these products were not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products is not confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information presented here is not meant as a substitute for information from health care practitioners. It is also not meant as an alternative to information from health care practitioners. Before using any product, you should consult your doctor and ask about the risk of interactions or complications.


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