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Among the pleathery, lightly bondage-y tops and bottoms from new activewear company Acabada are the Rivington shrug ($150) and the Delancey jumpsuit ($275), both named for streets in New York City, where the brand is based. Fine, whatever, I could see women wearing these things to Pilates in the West Village. What makes this luxury activewear brand distinct from the rest is that these clothes are also drugs.

According to Acabada’s website, this is “the world’s first ever CBD infused activewear collection.” CBD — a non-psychoactive cannabinoid thought to have various medicinal properties —  has become an increasingly popular add-on to coffee, candy, sprays, lotions, and cookies among brands looking to charge a bit more for their products, which, I admit, is my first thought upon perusing the Acabada site.

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