Feel Very, Very Good After Sipping These CBD Drinks in Portland

While many countries (and states) still imprison their citizens for carrying cannabis, weed has almost lost its novelty in Portland. Your parents are now growing Sensei Skunk in your garage. You can get your favorite Portland chocolate bar as an edible. And several cafes have begun serving lattes, smoothies, and cocktails laced with CBD, also known as cannabidiol.

CBD is a marijuana compound that has little to no psychoactive properties — basically, you can use CBD and not feel stoned. CBD is often used as a pain reliever or anti-anxiety aid, but many people who use CBD do because it’s relaxing. That’s why Portland’s restaurant community has started adding droplets of cannabidiol oil into your morning coffee or green drink: It’s a very mellow way to start your day. Tons of restaurants serve CBD sodas from Bend-based Ablis, but this map focuses on cafes and restaurants serving CBD in house-made beverages. Try out the trend at one of these cafes, bars, and restaurants serving cannabidiol-spiked drinks, maybe paired with a muffin or a burger. As always, this list is not ranked, but rather organized geographically.

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.

Source: https://pdx.eater.com/maps/cbd-lattes-smoothies-cocktails-portland

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