Fast food chain Carl’s Jr. to offer CBD-infused hamburger in Denver test run – WDRB

(FOX BUSINESS) — The fast-food chain Carl’s Jr. is jumping on the CBD bandwagon.

According to a report by Fox Business, the fast-food chain is planning a test run for a CBD-infused hamburger exclusively at its Denver, Colorado, store on April 20. 

Dubbed the “Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight,” the sandwich will feature two beef patties, picked jalapenos and “Crisscut” fries.

Oh, and one more thing: the burger will be topped with Sante Fe sauce infused with hemp-based CBD oil.

“The new Rocky Mountain High: Cheeseburger Delight ties back to our core strategy of being the first to bring bold and unexpected flavors that are at the forefront of hot restaurant trends to a quick service menu,” said Patty Trevino, the senior vice president of brand marketing for Carl’s Jr., in a statement. “From our early introduction into plant-based options to bringing the rare indulgence of truffles to our menu with the new Bacon Truffle Angus Burger, our customers have come to expect innovative and unique menu offerings, and we’re thrilled to be the first quick service restaurant to be testing CBD infused options.”

Carl’s Jr. is the first major fast-food chain to test a CBD-infused meal. The CBD burger will sell for $4.20 while supplies last.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado.

A legal compound derived from hemp, cannabidoil or CBD, does not have any psychoactive effects and has gained popularity in recent years due to its purported health benefits. While more companies and retailers are exploring entries into the CBD marketplace, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is considering further regulation of the substance. 

Trevino told Business Insider that Carl’s Jr. will consider an expanded test run for the CBD burger if the sales promotion in Denver goes well.

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