Experts weigh in on controversial CBD treatments for dogs

Following the legalization of recreational pot in the state of California, many people have started trying out different marijuana based flowers, concentrates, oils and even adopted cannabis based health treatments for their pets.

However, these CBD oil infused pet treats have been met with mixed emotions.

We spoke with local experts to find out about the new controversial treatment.

“It’s a good alternative to pain medications that can have harmful side effects,” said Eric Tener, the owner of Happy Tails Barkery.

Happy Tails Barkery sells hemp and CBD treatments for pets. They say CBD oil and infused treats are growing in popularity for their purported ability to cure pets, especially dogs, from physical and mental ailments.

According to the packages, they can be used to treat arthritis and anxiety and can be used at different dosages.

“They have guidelines on the backs of the bag but if it’s something like the oils, which you can kind of just have a dropper full, depending on how concentrated it is, they have different amounts. There’s a printout we give them so they kind of know how much to go for,” said Tener.

But VCA Asher Animal Hospital in Redding, has doubts.

“There’s not been enough research done to know what is the strength of marijuana in that. We don’t know that every bottle or oil is the same strength or considered the same, or how any of that will affect each patient,” said Amy Pero, a registered veterinary technologist and technical supervisor.

While CBD oils are different from marijuana, Pero from Asher Animal Hospital also says she sees at least one dog a week who is suffering after being exposed to cannabis and other drugs.

“They can have tremors, they can have changes in heart rate, changes in body temperature. There’s a lot of things that need to be monitored. Additionally, some need IV fluids or other medications to help their body process those drugs,” said Pero.

The hospital said no matter what you choose to do for your pet, make sure you keep your cannabis in a safe place. Somewhere not easily accessible to man’s best friend.


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