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Traveling with pets is now easier than ever, thanks to the scores of accessories and gadgets available for pet owners wanting to hit the road with their furry companions. From bike carriers and car harnesses to GPS tracking devices, there are products that make traveling with pets effortless and safer. 

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect time to update your shopping lists and stock up on these top-rated travel pet products. Whether you are planning a road trip for Christmas or looking to escape to warmer weather by plane for New Year’s Eve, we’ve got the perfect packing essentials for a tail-wagging trip. 

Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier 

Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy (Photo: Amazon)

Give Fido or your feline friend some extra leg room with the stylish Expandable Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy, which expands on both sides, creating a mesh “porch” that allows your pet to have fresh air and move around in comfort. 

This underseat small pet carrier has a comfortable fleece base pad, two zippers for easy access, pocket for treats, a ventilated top and a thick wire frame that maintains the shape even when the carrier is expanded. With retractable fold-out panels, the carrier can be easily unzipped for storage. When you order online, the carrier comes with a collapsible pet bowl.   

Shop it: $45

Adjustable Car Seat Belt and Harness 

Mudder Adjustable Car Seat Belt (Photo: Amazon)

Dogs love sticking their heads out the car window, but did you know that it’s illegal in certain states to have your dog unrestrained in the backseat? Regardless of where your travels take you, be sure to keep your pooch safe on long rides with an adjustable car seat belt from Mudder and a crash-tested restraint harness. 

Shop it: $9

Whistle Go GPS Activity Tracker  

Whistle Go GPS Activity Tracker (Photo: Amazon)

Want to know what your pet is up to while you go on vacation? Or see if your four-footed companion is getting the right amount of exercise and sleep on their journey with you? Keep tabs on your pet’s daily activity and rest patterns on your phone with help from a GPS activity monitor, Whistle Go. 

This wearable tracker attaches to the pet’s collar and is waterproof, making it perfect for dogs that love to swim. The battery lasts up to seven days per charge. You will need a monthly plan (available from $7), but having the peace of mind that your pet is safe, no matter where she is in the country, is priceless. 

Shop it: $100

ThunderShirt For Anxious Pets 

ThunderShirt (Photo: Amazon)

Humans aren’t the only ones who experience travel-related anxiety. Pets tend to get anxious in crowded airports, railway stations and places with loud noises. To alleviate symptoms and calm your pet, put him in a ThunderShirt, anxiety-reducing jacket to prevent panic attacks. The ThunderShirt isn’t just for thunderstorms and fireworks; it’s good for any anxiety-provoking situation, and works by gently applying pressure on the dog’s or cat’s torso to relieve anxiety. 

Shop it: $32-$81

Labra Pet Canine K9 Dog First Aid Kit

Labra Pet Canine K9 Dog First Aid Kit (Photo: Amazon)

Whether you are going on a quick getaway, a long-haul road trip across the country or a camping adventure, don’t leave home without a pet first-aid kit. The light-weight, 28-piece Labra Pet Canine K9 Dog First Aid Kit, is a smart choice for your travels with your dog, especially if you are planning on partaking in outdoor activities. It comes with tweezers, rubber gloves, bandage rolls, alcohol wipes and scissors (make sure to pack it in your checked luggage if you are traveling on a plane) among other first-aid items. 

Shop it: $20

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket 

Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket (Photo: Amazon)

If your travels involve water sports, invest in a reliable life jacket for your canine. Sure, dogs can swim, but the jacket gives the extra help they need if they are older or the currents are strong. The Outward Hound Granby Splash Dog Life Jacket comes in various sizes, and the bright orange hue makes it easy to spot Fido in the water. Now, you can go kayaking, paddle boarding or boating with your water-loving pup without worry.

Shop it: $12

Anzone Pet Portable Carrier Space Capsule Backpack

Anzone Pet Carrier Space Capsule Backpack (Photo: Amazon)

The futuristic looking Anzone Pet Carrier Space Capsule Backpack is just the right travel accessory for toting around your cat in style. You can bring this light-weight, waterproof pack anywhere, whether you are going on a hike or cruising past hundreds of travelers during busy holiday season. 

The carrier has ventilation holes, a mesh pocket for storage, and is roomy for cats and small dogs under 10 pounds. Inside, there’s a built-in elastic leash and a soft, washable pad for your feline’s comfort. The semi-sphere window gives your pet visibility to the outside world. Even better, the pack has a padded back and ergonomic shoulder straps that make it easier for you to carry for long periods of time.  

Shop it: $33

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket 

Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket (Photo: Amazon)

Cruise along with your best friend on a bike with help from the Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket. Your small dog will love the fresh air and being able to go along for the ride in this carrier that fits right on your bike’s handlebars. The pack easily transforms into a shoulder bag with a padded carrying belt, so you can continue carrying your pet after the ride, making it a good choice for senior pets that can no longer walk. The carrier is water-resistant and has side pockets, an interior leash and a drawstring mesh top. 

Shop it: $60

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