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Eva Marcille is promoting a journey to a healthier lifestyle at the beginning of 2020. Check out her recent message that she shared with her fan on her social media account.

‘ThinkcEVAd.com @cevad_cbd Start the year off on a journey to healthier living. Our #products are high potency and formulated for optimal absorption. No toxins, no herbicides, no pesticides. Products you can trust with your loved ones. Get 30% off your entire order with #PromoCode: CEVAD2020 #newyear #cbd #cevad #cbdoil #cbdskincare #productsyoucantrust #thinkcevad #releafgenetics #2020 #atlanta #rhoa #realhousewivesofatlanta #cannabis, Eva captioned her post.

Eva also shared a photo featuring her toned abs and in the caption, she was promoting a weight loss product.

A lot of fans appreciated this, but there were also people who were not here for this type of weight loss product.

Eva also shared a photo featuring her baby boy, Maverick which has fans in awe. Check it out below.

Someone commented: ‘Lil cutie pie!! He looks like Big Mike, Marley and your Mom!’ and a follower said: ‘God Bless 🙏, Congratulations to U & Family to the new addition to family 💕’

One other fan wrote: ‘Beautiful. His Daddy’s WHOLE ENTIRE face… Sorry, @evamarcille. Lol.’ while someone else posted this: ‘Sorry Eva but this is NOT your baby. He looks just like daddy, u just birthed him 💙😊#adorable.’

Someone else said: ‘God was like, “I need a face, I need a face!” Mike was like, here take mine! He is a spitting image of your husband while Little Mikey has yours!’


As you can see, Eva has more than enough reasons to be living her best life these days.

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