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During the premiere of ‘Dog’s Most Wanted,’ Beth Chapman gets some bad news about her cancer, but embarks on a hunt with Dog the Bounty Hunter to take her mind off of it.

The series premiere of Dog’s Most Wanted begins with Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Chapman in Colorado at the beginning of 2019. Beth has recently relapsed in her battle with cancer, and her doctor calls to explain that her tumor “is not improving.” Of course, this news is upsetting for Beth, who starts quietly tearing up. “I’m thinking that I need to advise you to start with some chemotherapy,” the doctor says. “I need to schedule a time to get you in as soon as possible.” However, Beth is not ready to make that appointment. “No no,” she responds. “I need to process it first and then call you back, okay?”

Beth was first diagnosed with cancer in 2017, and underwent surgery and chemotherapy to fight the disease. She eventually found herself in remission, but was not happy with the side effects of chemo, which is why she was so hesitant this time around. In general, the news that her disease has progressed so far is unsettling for Beth. “It’s a little hard to believe,” she admits. “You go from…I have this little cough to…oh my God. Once you find out that it’s incurable lung cancer…where is there to go from there? There’s no stage five. You need to prioritize your life in a very quick matter. We have to start making real life-changing decisions right away.”

The episode then flashes forward a few days to January 4, when Beth undergoes her first chemo treatment. “[She] decides to supplement it with an innovative program using CBD oil,” the show’s narrator explains. “Within two weeks, she’s showing remarkable improvements, but she needs something to take her mind off the process.”

That’s when her husband, Dog, steps in to make a suggestion. “I remember Tony Robbins once said to me — go back to work. Do what you do best,” he tells Beth. “I’ve seen with my eyes that you are starting to eat. I see every morning when you wake up…I look at your color, and you have color back in the last three to four days. I’m thinking with the chemo and this…this is working. I want to test to see if you’re up to this, because if you’re not, I gotta go make us some money.”

Dog decides to take Beth on a manhunt in Hawaii to see if she can still handle it. “Beth needs something right now to get her excited,” he says. “I love her and I’ll do anything for her.” Beth takes part in a high-energy chase for one of the state’s Most Wanted men and his son. Although she has to take one night off to rest, she plays a big part in tracking down the guys. Eventually, they capture the dad, but Beth isn’t satisfied — she wants to get the son, too, and Dog is thrilled by her enthusiasm.

“Beth has not been on a hunt since the diagnosis of the cancer,” he concludes. “Working, I can see, is doing wonders. It’s like a miracle drug, working with her. I always worry about her and it’s keeping her alive. So come on baby, let’s get ’em!”

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