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Robin Cohn said she didn’t really open Come, Sit, Stay 14 years ago to make money.

“I love animals,” said Cohn.

Mostly, she just likes to hang out with dogs.

“The unconditional love we get from them is kind of hard to find anywhere else,” said Cohn.

It was her own two dogs’ health issues that prompted Cohn to start researching and then selling hemp oil or CBD oil.

“It is the cleanest product on the market. It is the only USDA-approved hemp oil on the market and within three days I saw results with my dogs,” said Cohn.

Recently, without warning, her credit card processing company, “Square,” cut her off, saying she had violated the rules.

It cost Cohn a whole day worth of sales, which she said wasn’t fair because the product is legal in all 50 states.

“People just don’t really get it,” said Cohn.

A similar thing happened earlier this year in Rutherford County.

Authorities padlocked 23 businesses for selling hemp oil only to have the judge dismiss all of the charges, saying the businesses had done nothing wrong.

Now Cohn is trying to get the word out.

“It’s just a miscommunication. People hear the word cannabis and they immediately associate it with marijuana. This is hemp. It’s a different product,” said Cohn.

Cohn is now using a different credit card processing company.

As for Square, a spokesperson told News4 they can’t comment on individual customer’s accounts.

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