DEA raids Green Gorilla Vape Shop, takes CBD oils

DEA raids Green Gorilla Vape Shop on Monday, taking CBD oils and money. (ABC 7 Amarillo- Jala Washington).

After a swift raid of the Green Gorilla Vape Shop on Monday, its lawyer says all its CBD oils have been confiscated.

CBD oil comes from a cannabis plant, but doctors say it can have health benefits.

Texas law says it’s legal for shops to sell CBD oil as long as there aren’t certain substances in it, like THC. THC is the most active ingredient in marijuana, that gets someone high.

Ryan Brown, who is representing Green Gorilla said the lab results from ‘Green Roads,’ which sells oils to Green Gorilla, doesn’t have any illegal substances in the product.

Brown says along with taking CBD oils during the raid, $170,000 has also been confiscated from one of the owner’s homes.

“There’s people here that need this for medication, and I think that it’s wrong and I think that we’re fighting a good fight here,” said Brown. “Because the law is bad on this with THC, you know, let alone messing with someone that’s got zero THC in some CBD oil.”

The DEA hasn’t commented as their investigation is still ongoing. The Amarillo Police Department does however, confrim the raid, and says its Narcotics Unit helped.


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