Darcy Bomford Wants to Give Marijuana Supplements to Your Cats and Dogs – The Wall Street Transcript

March 21, 2019

Darcy Bomford is Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Director of True Leaf Medicine International Ltd. Mr. Bomford is a pet industry veteran with three decades of experience in manufacturing, branding, distribution and sales. He exited the pet industry in 2012 and formed True Leaf Medicine with the intent to become a licensed producer of cannabis under Canada’s medicinal cannabis program.

The company now has two divisions, True Leaf Pet and True Leaf Medicine. He is highly adept at building brands through corporate vision, strategy and the successful development of relationships with team members and strategic partners.

In this 2,791 word interview exclusive to the Wall Street Transcript, Mr. Bomford details his road map for his innovative product line.

“Our product line right now is primarily made up of hemp-based supplements for pets. Dogs represent the largest piece of the market, but we have a cat line in Europe, which we also plan to bring to North America. Currently, the product line is targeted at three different pet health challenges: calming support, hip and joint support for older dogs with inflammation issues, and omega-3 support for immune and cognitive support.

We sell these supplements in three formats: soft chews, oils and chew sticks. Calming is our biggest seller, which shows that our pets are anxious from our busy world just like humans are.”

The CEO is emphatic on the benefits:

“The primary function of the hemp seed product is providing the omega-3 components, and yes, they are validated by scientific research. Omega-3s are known to be very healthy and good for people and pets, which in this case is the primary function of the hemp seed.

Our future hemp leaf formulas will contain naturally occurring cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBDA, CBN and CBG. These higher-strength products will also include other proprietary active ingredients to work synergistically with hemp — just like our current formulas.”

Read the entire 2,791 word interview exclusively in the Wall Street Transcript and get the complete detail.

Source: https://www.twst.com/news/darcy-bomford-wants-give-marijuana-supplements-cats-dogs/

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