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Male cannabis plants do not have the best reputation, and most growers throw them away so that they don’t pollinate the female plants. Many farmers view them as undesirable and separate them early from female flowers. It is for this reason that feminized strains are growing in popularity. However, there are many benefits of male cannabis plants that many farmers are not aware of. So, if you are considering farming the male plant, here is everything you need to know. 

How the Male Cannabis Plant Differs from the Female Cannabis Plant?

The male cannabis plants grow vertically and have few branches compared to the female plants. They have few leaves and do not divide with length. The primary purpose of the male plants is to produce pollen for reproduction. They have stamens (flowers) that contain pollen grains and open when ready to pollinate the female flowers. 

Male Plants Offer an Evolutionary Advantage

The cannabis plant is dioecious, which implies that females and males exist as separate plants. Dioecy is advantageous to the cannabis plant because it increases the chances of genetic recombination. Due to dioecy, the plant can self-pollinate and retain its DNA. Therefore, if one removes the males, he or she will be killing the entire plant generation. The number of male plants can diminish in a short time, and for this reason, farmers need to keep strong, healthy males to ensure the survival of the species.

The tendency to eliminate male plants early before they release pollen will lead to decreased diversity. Males are important for continued vitality and strain of a cannabis plant. Nowadays, it is common for growers to use identical clones to base their production on a single feminized strain. Such practices will increase the sensitivity of plants to diseases.

Why Creating Superior Weed Using the Male Plant Is Important

Good breeding male plants are vital for the cannabis breeding program. When they provide pollen grains to the female plant, they are also contributing to the DNA of the subsequent plant. It is, therefore, crucial to select males with superior traits that offsprings can retain. Some of these traits include health, high growth rate, and resistance to pests and diseases. Male plants are also useful in breeding auto-flowering cannabis as they pass their features down while retaining those of the female plant.

Hemp Fibre from Male Plants

Hemp fiber helps to make ropes, bags, and clothing due to its strong nature. It is resistant compared to other materials such as linen or corduroy. Similarly, fishers, climbers, and construction workers have long utilized hemp ropes. Male hemp fibers are softer and more beautiful and used to make high-quality products. Research also shows that the use of hemp fibers in composite materials is increasing as a response to the rising demand for recyclable, sustainable, and biodegradable materials. The fact that fiber from the male plant is an excellent alternative to cotton shows how important the plant is. 

Roots of Male Cannabis have Health Benefits

The roots provide health benefits for humans and animals. Since they contain less than 1% of THC, they do not produce psychoactive effects. Traditionally, the roots helped to reduce hemorrhaging, and pain in women while giving birth. Furthermore, they have anti-inflammatory properties that help to avoid growth and swellings. Roots are also beneficial due to its analgesic and antipyretic properties. It can also help the liver thanks to its unique components, such as pentacyclic triterpenes. 

Male Plants Make Healthy Juices

Male plants contain cannabinoid acids, and extracting their juice provides some pharmacological benefits. Farmers can use all the parts of the plant except the stalks to make juice. Due to the increase in vegetable juices, people are now examining the health benefits of juicing weed. Cannabinoid and fatty acids in the marijuana plant reduce damage by free radicals and enhances the function of cells. People suffering from chronic diseases can benefit significantly from this juice. Unlike smoking that uses dry cannabis, juicing is better with fresher weed. With all the benefits in mind, you don’t want to throw that male plants again. Instead, make weed juice out of them. However, when making the juice, remember to remove the fibrous fan leaves because they can leave a bitter taste. 


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You can use the flowers, leaves, and stems of male plants to make concentrates. Besides, there are oils, infusions, and cannabutter on the market that come from male cannabis plants. Although male plants are not psychoactive like female cannabis, they have small amounts of cannabinoids that you can use to produce oils and hashish. 

Companion Plants

With male cannabis plants, you can create superior weed that repels pests and diseases. Just like female plants, males produce terpenes, which fight against diseases and pests. You can also create a superior product by processing leaves and flowers of the male cannabis plant to make repellant extracts and pesticides. In the past, farmers grew male plants alongside cotton to keep away caterpillars and cotton worms. Pinene and limonene terpenes help to repel insects, and growers can safely interplant male species with vegetables. The terpenes do not just fight diseases; male species also produce unique terpenes that can transform your vaping and smoking sessions. Instead of vaping auto-flowering weed, you should try products from male cannabis because you might find it game-changing.


You should not overlook the benefits of male cannabis plants. Just like females, males can also create superior weed. Furthermore, males are not vital for pollination alone but have many other benefits. They possess health benefits associated with marijuana plants and unique traits that can help support subsequent offspring. So, before you eliminate that male plant, you should give it a try. However, the success of your plans begins with choosing the right seed types, weed strains, fertilizers from trusted sellers like US seed bank. Getting advice from experts will jump-start you to creating your dream superior marijuana weed using the male cannabis plant.


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