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Photo by Melissa Casey

Recently, there has been talk about how Coca-Cola wants to invest in the cannabis market. Many companies such as, Corona, Modelo, and Lagunitas, have invested in the market of making infused drinks. Companies are producing drinks infused with CBD for people who experiences pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression and cancer.

Coca-Cola is eyeing the growth of non-psychoactive CBD with Canada’s Aurora Cannabis to see how it can be good for their business. Even though they are eyeing it, they are not the only beverage company wanting to invest in CBD and THC infused drinks.

Coors and Blue Moon brewers have come out with statements to the press about launching marijuana-infused beer. It could be a tough spot for the Coca-Cola company with their competitions, especially with PepsiCo.

“New products that pop up for the infused drinks won’t only be soft drinks, it will be in new products,” Dr. Vonya Womack, marketing and business management professor, said.

The company has been trying to expand the business outside of the soft drink since people are trying to drink less soda from health concerns. The infused products could target the health-conscious consumers since they do not drink sugary drinks such as Coca-Cola. The biggest challenge for making the CBD drink is getting it approved by the Food and Drug Administration. But recently, the FDA has approved the use of the infused drinks to treat epilepsy.

Producing drinks with either THC or CBD can benefit people with anxiety, depression, pain, sleep issues and or cancer.

“CBD is an herbal substance that has a lot of natural benefits including pain management, sleep issues and overall stress relief,” Brian Hood said. “It would be a small market, but it could potentially help a lot of people who need another form of treatment besides taking painkillers and other serious medications.”

There are so many different benefits if Coca-Cola, Coors, Blue Moon and many other beverage companies produce cannabis infused drinks. Even though there are benefits, there are cons that come with making the infused alcoholic brews with the effects it could have on people. Having this type of product would benefit the consumers and the companies who make the infused soft drink.

“Having soft drink companies such as Coca-Cola manufacture cannabis drinks really help people who need stronger pain medication with migraines or arthritis,” Madison Stief, sophomore health science major, said.


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