Convicted cocaine baron starts new venture selling cannabis oil in Ayrshire

A convicted drugs boss who was jailed for plotting to flood Germany with cocaine has opened a controversial cannabis oil shop.

Brian Charrington Jnr was caged for more than four years with his dad Brian Snr – one of Europe’s most notorious traffickers.

The 41-year-old also played a gangster in a pilot episode of flop crime drama Drug Dealers’ Birds.

But now Charrington has launched a CBD oil store in Ayrshire.

The Rolls-Royce driving former gangland figure opened a SurePure store in Dalry several weeks ago and plans to add a “flagship” Scottish HQ to the firm in Glasgow within months.

Brian Charrington extols the virtues of cannabis oil (Image: UGC)

CBD – cannabidiol – oil is at the centre of major medical and political debate over its health benefits.

It is legal to sell in the UK as long as most of the ­tetrahydrocannabinol or THC – the ­psychoactive substance in cannabis – has been extracted.

Users have hailed it as a miracle treatment for conditions such as ­diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety depression and pain. It has also been credited with ­helping children cope with epileptic fits and providing benefits for multiple sclerosis sufferers.

Charrington, who has lived in Spain for 20 years, said: “Everyone has a past and I appreciate that I have an interesting background.

“But I’ve done my jail time. My old man was one of the most sought-after criminals in Europe and I’ve been in jail for my own conspiracies.

Brian Charrington appears in a low-budget crime drama “Drug Dealer’s Birds” set on the Costa Del Sol (Image: UGC)

“But I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in business and languages to get away from that lifestyle.

“My background has been one of my concerns, that people would see me in a negative light. But people should appreciate that I’m trying to better myself and most of them do.”

He added: “I believe in my ­business and trying to help people.

“We do everything by the book and things are going great at the moment.

“The store in Dalry is doing well but we plan to have a flagship branch in Glasgow soon. The product is non-psychoactive, we’re well within the limit of THC that’s allowed.”

The store sells bottles of CBD oil for ÂŁ19.99. Other products include vape liquids, soap and skin creams.

SurePure sells CBD oil extracted from the hemp plant. They claim to have agents selling their products in Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Australia.

Low budget Drug Dealer’s Birds was set on the Costa Del Sol (Image: UGC)

Charrington Jnr was jailed for seven years in 2000 for his role in a plot to flood Germany with cocaine.

German police arrested Charrington Jnr and another man leaving a warehouse in Frankfurt with a suitcase filled with drugs.

Former car dealer Charrington Snr, 62, was extradited to Germany after phone call intercepts identified his voice and linked him to plan. He was also sentenced to seven years.

Charrington Snr was unmasked as a police informer in the 1990s while running his drugs empire.

He was accused of being part of a plot to smuggle Colombian cocaine with a street value of ÂŁ150million but was released when his role as a supergrass emerged.

The criminal was also the ­right-hand man of crime godfather Curtis “Cocky” Warren.

Notorious drugs trafficker Brian Charrington Snr (Image: Unknown)

Liverpudlian Warren was once described in the Sunday Times rich list as a property developer worth ÂŁ79million. In fact, he was the boss of a huge criminal network with high level contacts in Colombia and responsible for tonnes of cocaine being imported to Europe.

He was snared after Dutch police tapped his phone.

Charrington Snr was on trial in Alicante in April with his other son Ray, charged with ­trying to smuggle 200 kilos of cocaine into Spain.

No verdict has been given yet but Charrington Snr faces 18 years in jail if found guilty. Charrington Jnr played a henchman in a pilot for crime drama Drug Dealers’ Birds, which centred on the lavish lifestyles of exiled ­British criminals and their partners.

Charrington Jnr is an associate of convicted drug dealer Michael “Benji” Bennett, who was jailed for four years for being caught with £100,000 of the Class A drug in 2000.

Bennett was also accused of trying to smuggle £263,000 of cannabis into Scotland during a drugs trial with crime boss Tam “The Licensee” McGraw in 1998.

Officers discovered the consignment hidden under the floorboards of a mini-bus Bennett was driving but the men walked free on a not proven verdict.

Convicted drug dealer Michael “Benji” Bennett at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2000 (Image: Caledonia)

Bennett then got four years after being convicted of being concerned in the supply of a kilo of cocaine and was jailed for four years.

Cannabis oil is legal to sell in the UK as long as THC levels are below 0.05 per cent. But there have been calls for stronger versions to be made legal.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs have recommended doctors should also be allowed to prescribe cannabis-derived medicinal products.

Home Secretary Sajid Javid ordered a review by England’s chief medical officer Sally Davies last month. She concluded there was evidence it provided “therapeutic benefit” for some conditions. The move came following high profile cases of children being denied access to stronger cannabis oil to control epileptic seizures.

Cases include that of Billy Caldwell, 12, and Alfie Dingley, six, who have forms of intractable epilepsy that appear to be eased by the product.

However, critics have claimed relaxing the law will open the door to legalising recreational cannabis.

CBD oil is claimed to have health benefits (Image: Sunday Mail)

Scottish Conservative justice spokesman Liam Kerr MSP said: “The recent Billy Caldwell case has sparked debate over the use of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes and the UK Government have rightfully responded by announcing a review into this.

“But some people will be concerned to hear a convicted criminal is getting involved in the sale of products that are very new to market.

“It is important that stores stocking cannabis oil do so legally and are compliant with the rules set out on THC concentrations.

“Everyone has the right to rehabilitation but I would encourage anyone wishing to buy these products to proceed with caution and ensure they understand the extent of the law.”

Scottish Lib Dem health spokesman Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, said: “These treatments could potentially benefit many people but it’s essential that they are properly regulated.

Charrington Jnr added: “Our product is harvested in Spain and is tightly regulated. It can be tested at any time.”


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