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People use CBD products for a number of reasons.

“Anxiety, depression, sleep disorder, inflammation,” Perfect Plant store manager Clint Maine said.

Maine says CBD products are the most popular.

“The majority of the products that we sell are local or regional,” Maine said. “We have it processed locally, and everything is third party lab tested.”

Maine says whenever a customer comes in he makes sure they’re buying the right products for their lifestyle.

“We have an islet which is completely THC free,” Maine said. “If drug tests are not an issue for you we definitely recommend a full spectrum product.”

Full spectrum has THC which could cause someone to fail a drug test.

“It’s very clearly labeled on our bottles anything that contains THC,” Maine said. “Right on the side it says it will contain trace amounts of THC, .3% or less.”

Medical director for the toxicology section of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center Diagnostics Laboratory, Jennifer Colby says it’s important people are aware of this risk.  

“One of the challenges with THC is that it builds up in lipids, so in fat, and long term exposure can lead to a very long length of time that you test positive,” Colby said. “From a lab perspective we really can’t tell the difference between THC from CBD products and CBD from marijuana.”   

Colby says people who want to use CBD should buy from a reliable source who can help explain to you what you’re buying.

Maine says the products at Perfect Plant are processed and tested locally.

Perfect Plant also has QR codes on their products that you can scan with your phone to show certificate of analysis.

Source: https://www.wsmv.com/news/certain-cbd-products-could-affect-your-drug-test/article_f48250e6-2e6a-11e9-bba7-ab70e76161b6.html

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