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It’s refreshing to relate to the broader world, from someone who struggled to succeed in most of the things in life. Mostly because most men acting as bosses, tended to stifle entrepreneurial creativity in the corporate world. They are just so stiff. I have twenty years experience supporting C-Level, and above so I’m pretty sure this is correct. This would not have been so had women been in charge of the ‘house’, so to speak. These are creative and highly entrepreneurial women who are doing what they love. Living their passion is not just a job, it’s the way they succeed at something very personal to them. Life itself!

The following group of extremely talented entrepreneurial women are allied in many ways. But the most striking of all the metrics and methodology in their day-to-day, is the basic fact that the business that they chose to work in, is one that barely twenty years ago would have resulted in an arrest, or worse!  Striking, how things have changed, and fortunately for the universe, women are leading these changes in the cannabis industry, be it in the CBD world, (the one I don’t really cover…) or the THC world.  (A BIG YES) So truth be told, the stigma of being a woman in weed is no longer a back street, I know someone who knows someone world or copping a zip for a friend. Sure there is always going to be someone who disagrees with this path, and that is going to exist for a long time. But through the education process with regard to the B-Schools allowing successful alumnae to share their success in weed with young students, who want to succeed. This is how organic change occurs, and it is irresistible in that process. These are some extremely smart women who we should all celebrate, for their guts and fortitude. Cheers!

I was intrigued by pet CBD products having attempted to discuss with my vet recently without much luck. Although times have changed with regard to holistic health treatments for pets, real research is still lacking at the Veterinary level. So imagine my delight when I discovered Kat Donatello, Founder of Austin and Kat, a high quality CBD wellness pet product company. I have not yet attempted to use CBD on the cats, but why not? A&K was founded in 2014, and launched nationally in 2016. Great job!

Karson Humiston (Founder of Vangst)Photo Courtesy: Karson Humiston

Karson Humiston (Founder of Vangst) Karson Humiston is the Founder and CEO of Vangst, the cannabis industry’s leading recruiting platform. Since launching in 2016, Vangst has connected more than 10,000 people with jobs at over 650 leading cannabusinesses around the US. Vangst has raised $12.5M from leading investors, including Lerer Hippeau and Casa Verde Capital. Karson was featured on the 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and prior to founding Vangst, she founded On Track Adventures – a student travel organization based out of St. Lawrence University.

Gen Garcia: Customer Success Manager at SeedPhoto Courtesy: Genevieve Garcia

Gen Garcia (Customer Success Manager @ Seed) Gen Garcia is an industry leader and cannabis education advocate working as the Customer Success Manager for Seed, a self-guided, in-store touch screen cannabis education solution designed to help dispensaries’ educate their clients about their products while taking the burden off of staff members. After receiving her master’s in psychology, she was working in the mental health and substance abuse field while using medical marijuana for debilitating migraines as well as anxiety. When she first began hitting local California dispensaries to speak with professionals, she was almost immediately forced to deal with the lack of consistent and accurate knowledge and knew that there had to be a better way to educate curious customers.

Anne Fleshman, VP Marketing at FlowhubPhoto Courtesy: Anne Fleshman

Anne Fleshman (VP of Marketing @ Flowhub) Anne Fleshman has built her career in software marketing and SaaS for years. Today, she’s the VP of Marketing for Flowhub, the most compliant and intuitive POS software for cannabis dispensaries in the US. Hundreds of cannabis retailers and cultivators trust Flowhub to automate daily compliance reporting and process over $1B in cannabis sales annually. With Anne’s marketing background, she’s helping Flowhub make cannabis accessible to everyone in the US, one legal transaction at a time – and helping spur the growth of a responsible industry. (ED: It wasn’t so long ago that our industry was less than responsible.)

Jenna Habayeb (CMO of Canndescent)Photo Courtesy: Canndescent

Jenna Habayeb (CMO of Canndescent) Jenna Habayeb is the Chief Marketing Officer of Canndescent, California’s #1-selling brand of luxury cannabis flower products. Jenna specializes in the strategic development and implementation of fully integrated marketing campaigns with a core focus on brand storytelling and data driven design. She has led key marketing initiatives for beloved brands including 7 For All Mankind, bareMinerals, bebe, Burger King, TABASCO, Splendid, Ella Moss, Tween Brands and more over her long career. Taking note from her beauty, retail and CPG experience, Jenna is now applying her knowledge to Canndescent to ensure the company maintains a luxury stature and is naturally integrated into luxury cannabis consumers’ lifestyles.

Rosie Rothrock (VP of Branding and Marketing @ Caliva)Photo Courtesy: Caliva

Rosie Rothrock (VP of Branding and Marketing @ Caliva)

Rosie Rothrock is the Vice President of Branding and Marketing for  Caliva, the market leader in California for branded cannabis products. With its best in class facility in San Jose, Caliva produces top quality flower and cannabis oil, manufactures products and distributes them throughout the state. Rosie joined the Caliva team in 2015 at the start of the company playing the foundational role in the direction and establishment of the brand, retail store, product designs and positioning, and PR/marketing strategy and execution. Before Caliva, Rosie worked in talent and consumer brand strategy and Public Relations in New York at Brandsway Creative and was VP Brand Marketing Strategy for a Seattle luxury real estate firm.

Natalie Shaul (VP of Marketing @ SpringBig)Photo Courtesy: Natalie Shaul

Natalie Shaul (VP of Marketing @ SpringBig)

Natalie Shaul is the Vice President of Marketing for  SpringBig, a cannabis dispensary CRM (customer-relationship management) and loyalty rewards software company. A New York City local, Natalie started working at Morgan Stanley Prime Brokerage and then transitioned into an Advertising Account Manager role at LiveIntent, Inc. Shortly after medical cannabis was legalized in Florida, she moved to the state in order to lead marketing initiatives for springbig. Natalie managed the company’s pivot into the cannabis marketplace, and created nearly 500 dispensary retail clients in under two years.

Kimberly Dillon (VP of Marketing @ Papa & Barkley)Photo Courtesy: Kimberly Dillon

Kimberly Dillon (VP of Marketing @ Papa & Barkley)

Kim Dillon is a marketing veteran who is currently serving as the VP of Marketing for  Papa & Barkley, California’s #1 topical cannabis brand that produces THC and CBD-infused pain-relief and wellness products. Formerly, Kim worked at high-profile companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Accenture, and Colorox and she’s been a speaker at TedWoman and SXSW. She also founded the pioneering beauty app House of Mikko – and now, she’s taking her awesome expertise and dynamic skill set into the business of cannabis.

Christina O’Reilly (Co-Founder of Rowley’s Good Stuff)Photo Courtesy: Christina O’Reilly

Christina O’Reilly (Co-Founder of Rowley’s Good Stuff)

Christina O’Reilly is the Co-Founder of  Rowley’s Good Stuff, a company dedicated to creating high potency medical grade hemp-derived CBD infused peanut butter treats for pets. After 15+ years of owning her own dog walking service, Christina began to face health issues with her own dog and began trying CBD products.  Christina and her husband, Mike, decided to bring together a team of pet experts, doctors, engineers to become one of the premier suppliers of cannabis in the USA. Rowley’s Good Stuff uses the highest-quality, highest-potency, full-spectrum CBD for pets and is committed to  ethically produced sources, environmentally sound and sustainable practices are always put first.

RMPR was responsible for the first Cannabis article ever published in Oprah Magazine.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenbobrow/2019/03/08/celebrate-women-in-weed-a-brave-new-world/

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